A STAR WARS fan is making a 4K remaster of the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, and it’s pretty crazy – GeekTyrant

Star wars fan Nick Acosta is in the process of creating a 4k 60fps remaster of the classic 70s Star Wars Holiday Special. He has shared a trailer showing what he has so far and it looks pretty weird!

I’ve only ever seen the awful quality of the special that’s up on YouTube, so it’s scary for me to see some of these footage in such high quality. It’s crazy, and in a way it’s even more horrible. The creator said:

I’ve remastered the Star Wars Holiday Special. This is done using a combination of version shopping and software. There are many bootleg versions floating around and some are worse than others. The most important way to get more resolution is through a machine learning program called Topaz Video Enhance AI. It analyzes it frame by frame. It’s a LONG process, so I cut the case down into a modern style trailer for it and then scaled it up. I have long loved this strange thing. It’s so 70s and silly, but it has the actors in their prime after New Hope, it has Boba Fett’s first appearance, and I still consider it all as canon. Hope you enjoy it and if you do not, please be sweet!

Watch the footage below and tell us what you think.

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