Anti-wax mother who claims she ‘was not afraid of Covid’ dies of virus as 29-year-old

Bridget Jackson, from Port Huron, Michigan, spoke out on Facebook against mask mandates and the Covid vaccine and often shared posts and memes on social media

An anti-wax mother who claimed she “was not afraid of Covid” has died of the virus at the age of just 29.

Bridget Jackson, 29, said on Facebook that she does not “prioritize fear over life” in a series of social media posts about her stance against mask mandates and Covid vaccination.

But the mother of three fell ill last month, asking Facebook friends for prayers and advice on “lung exercises” she could do.

She was diagnosed with Covid-19 and was put on a respirator at the hospital, where she died on December 21st.

Bridget’s sister Danielle Race wrote on Facebook: “She’s been in the hospital the last month she’s fought Covid. As a couple days ago she took a trip to the worst and she’s 100% in the respirator. ”

An example of how Bridget used social media to share her position on coronavirus

Bridget from Port Huron, Michigan, leaves behind three children under the age of 10.

Unvaccinated people are six times more likely to test positive for Covid than vaccinated people, according to the latest research from the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention in the United States.

But Bridget often shared postings and memes online that fostered her attitude toward Covid.

In a post, she wrote: “Just because we do not wear a mask does not mean we lack common courtesy or do not respect you.

“We simply believe that your fear is your problem.”

Health authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom, including the NHS, stress vaccines remain the best public health measure to combat Covid.

Vaccines are extremely effective in preventing serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths.

More than 39 million people in the UK have been fully vaccinated – a figure that represents around 71% of the population.

However, the British are again urged to get booster jab as Boris Johnson assesses the vaccination rate before deciding to impose further Covid restrictions.

At least 315,000 new Covid infections were diagnosed during the three-day Christmas weekend.

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