DC: Wildly impractical villain bases

Part of the job of being the bad guy is to have a proper base to work from. Although a base that is too low-key makes the villain look small, it is also not as simple as getting a large base. Sometimes having a base located in a larger urban area will result in the heroes shutting them down faster than usual.

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But that’s not the only problem. Placing a base in a remote location that can be easily seen when someone knows what to look for will create even more problems. DC has pretty good villains, but their choices in villain bases often leave a lot to be desired.

10 The elite rabbit could easily be stolen back

The elite rabbit

The elite called themselves superheroes, but their methods were so violent that they brought them into conflict with Superman. If you’re fighting Superman, it’s safe to say you’re a villain. Bunny was the home base of the Elite, apparently a bacterial colony from another universe that also served as a floating fortress.

How they gained this base feels like something that would have ultimately returned to haunt the team when they basically kidnapped the colony and dragged it away from a losing war. But Manchester Black was always short-sighted, and he never considered what might happen if the people he stole it from came looking for it.

9 Castle Revolving is a floating time machine that should have been used better

Slots rotating time travel base

Castle Revolving was home to Sheeda, a race of creatures that existed on Earth at the end of its life. Enemies of the seven victorious soldiers Sheeda lived a wild way of life until they discovered a time machine. When they found out how it worked, they rebuilt their society in a different way, traveled back to empires at the height of their strength and destroyed them completely, stole and plundered all their resources and brought them back to the future.

Castle Revolving represented a mistake in their way of thinking – instead of traveling back to the past and figuring out how to live peacefully, they chose to stay in this time-traveling ship that is in an era where the Earth has not any remaining resources.

8 Warworld assumes that no one else will come and take the planet away

Superman Warworld Saga

Warworld is home to Mongul and all his descendants. From there, he rules the planet as the permanent ruler among a planet full of gladiators. People are fighting for their lives and for Mongul’s entertainment out of a twisted desire to see only the strong thrive.

But Warworld’s strange logic has always worked on the assumption that no one would ever come to the planet and stop what he was doing. And more arrogantly, it assumes that a master will not arise with the strength to defeat Mongul forever.

7 The Dorrance building is named after a known criminal

The Robin Dorrance building

The Dorrance Building was a multi-storey building from which Edmond Dorrance ran his criminal business. Specifically, the top floor of the building is known for keeping track of Dorrance’s drug store.

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But while the building is defended by both King Snake and excellent security, it only paints a major goal on its back. To carry out his primary criminal business out of a building named after you just seems like a recipe for trouble. It’s the kind of arrogance that comes with beating the justice system too long before someone like Robin shows up and takes you down.

6 HIVE HQ can be easily seen from a hero’s space headquarters

Titans HIVE HQ

Introduced in 2000 Titans cartoon by Devin Grayson and Mark Buckingham, HIVE HQ is also referred to as Beehive. It is literally a floating island that exists over the land of Zandia and the headquarters itself has a literal honeycomb on top of it.

In fairness, if the goal is to avoid the attention of the average person, then it is not a bad idea to be located in the clouds over a small country. But if the goal is to avoid super teams, it may not be the best idea to place his home in the sky when the heroes have satellites that are in geosynchronous orbit with Earth.

5 HIVE Tower is a giant tower shaped like an H

HIVE Tower was introduced in Teen Titans TV show. Of course, the cartoon was a little more over the top than most other DC shows at the time, but even still, this is a little much. Like the Teen Titans, the Titans Tower, a giant headquarters shaped like a “T”, HIVE decided to have a massive base shaped like an H.

It’s better than Titans Tower because it’s a little more stable, but obviously pointing out where they’s located seems like a bad idea. What happened to hiding in the nearest abandoned building?

4 Hall of Doom is too obvious as a villain’s headquarters

The Hall of Doom was introduced in Super friends as the headquarters of the Legion of Doom, so the logic is already out of track in favor of doing what looks cool for a Saturday Morning Cartoon show. It is not worst idea as it is not in such an obvious location as other supervillain bases.

It is found in the Slaughter Swamp and can even fly around, if necessary, to escape the heroes if caught. But the biggest problem is that it’s like that of course something only a villain would have.

3 Oolong Island could have its sovereignty taken lightly

Oolong Island was an island for mad scientists

Oolong Island’s existence in the DC universe dates back to the early 60’s. It is an island off the coast of North Korea and at one time was part of the People’s Republic of China. In Weekly History 52, Oolong Island was run by President Veronica Cale, and the mad scientists were there to create the inventions that came to their twisted minds.

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This would eventually lead them to invent something that destroyed the Black Adam family and caused the destruction of Bialya. Gathering a bunch of mad scientists in one place led to the destruction of a nation, but there is one major problem that is also worth mentioning: it could easily go to war with China at any time if they came out of the queue, sovereign nation or not.

2 Jotunheim is almost impossible to escape from once attacked

One of the suicide group’s earliest missions took them into the heart of Qurac. There they dealt with supervillain terrorists known as, unfortunately, Jihad. The base is reportedly something that could only have been built by a race of giants, meaning that if it is ever destroyed, there is no way to rebuild it.

But more worrying is that there is only one entrance to the building: a small door at the bottom of the building. Places that are meant to be impregnable always have obvious problems – like what if the people inside need to get out?

1 Z’onn Z’orr is located in the same area as the Fortress of Solitude

JLA Zonn Zorr

Z’onn Z’orr was home to the Hyperclan, a group of white Martians who pretended to be superheroes. It was a Marsby located in Antarctica that provided them with all the equipment and technology they needed to gradually take over Earth.

There are worse places to place a secret base as it makes it hard to find. It’s flashy, but no one’s ever going to see it where it’s. Not only is this base difficult to reach, but it also happens to be in the same general area as the Fortress of Loneliness.

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