Each copy of Superman created for the Marvel universe

Superman is the most famous superhero in the world – and Marvel will not stop making their own versions of Man of Steel (which is much stronger).

DCs Superman is without a doubt the most famous superhero of the last 100 years – and Marvel has noticed that. The house that Stan Lee built has competed with the Distinguished Competition throughout the company’s existence, but apparently cannot create a hero with the same stamina as Man of Steel (the common Spider-Man and the patriotic Captain America) are possible exceptions). Thus, they have taken to making copies of him – either to make fun of him, praise him or to create a being who is more powerful than him at all.

One of the earliest modern Superman copies is the hero Hyperion, from Squadron Supreme (Marvel’s pastiche from Justice League). Hyperion debuted in 1969, but the Mark Milton version of the character (and the better known of the two) arrived in 1971. Hyperion can fly, possesses tremendous strength, speed and agility, and attacks long-range enemies with “atomic vision” as in strength can be compared to Superman’s heat vision. Hyperion was much more aggressive, and some would say an “evil” version of Superman, as Squadron Supreme was a deconstruction of DC’s most powerful heroes. Still, the Superman clones kept popping up.


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Ikaris the Eternal is another Superman pastiche, with the ability to fly, withstand enormous physical attacks and project “cosmic energy” from his eyes (he can also use his hands, but as a Superman clone he prefers the former). Gladiator from Shi’ir Imperial Guard has the same powers as both Ikaris and Hyperion – and, as is the case with Superman, he is vulnerable to magic and certain types of radiation. But Marvel’s most obvious Superman clone is Sentry. Robert Reynolds has escape, strength, energy rays from the eyes and “… the power of a million exploding suns!” However, he suffers from several crippling mental problems, including agoraphobia and alcohol abuse.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill as Superman Sentry

The latest Superman-like character from Marvel is Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is not the first person to take the name, but she is by far the most powerful: she can fly at enormous speeds (even through space), has incredibly high levels of physical strength and can project star bolts from her hands (while not is her usual method of attack to project energy from her eyes, they glow in the same way as Superman when she gets angry). Perhaps in response to Superman critics who claim the hero is too pure and too strong, Captain Marvel is a well-rounded character with strengths, weaknesses, likes, antipathies and very human behavior that allows the audience to better emphasize with her .

Superman has coped with change over decades better than most heroes, but he does not seem to shake the critics who claim he is not a true role model because he has no faults. While the other heroes mentioned above certainly have their flaws, Superman is definitely a role model too them, if not Marvel writers. As Superman inspires ordinary people, so he also inspires the extraordinary.

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