San Diego Airport: How the Terminal 1 redevelopment project will affect parking

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The construction of San Diego International Airport’s new Terminal 1 project will cause some relocation from Monday, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority announced Thursday.

The mobile phone space will be moved to Terminal 2 western parking lot on McCain Road, a representative of the airport authorities said. People waiting at the mobile phone space can follow the signs for the exit, turn left onto Spruance Road, turn left onto McCain and then left again at the light on North Harbor Drive to head south back to Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 to meet the passengers.

Due to the relocation, Terminal 2’s western parking lot at McCain will no longer be available to passengers wishing to park beyond the permitted courtesy of one hour. The only available parking for Terminal 2 will be in the Terminal 2 car park.

On January 10, Terminal 1 will partially close the parking lot, so parking will be limited. Passengers flying from Terminal 1 should consider parking in the Terminal 2 car park, a statement from the airport authority said.

A new Terminal Loop Shuttle will be available to transport passengers between the Terminal 1 and the Terminal 2 car park. The bus runs every 10 minutes and the pick-up areas are at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

In addition, the airport authority encourages passengers to reserve a parking space in advance through the airport’s reservation system on

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