South Australia Announces $ 40 Million Business Support Plan Following Registration of 2,093 New COVID-19 Cases, Two Deaths

New business support measures have been announced after South Australia took another leap in COVID-19 cases and two more deaths before hot weather hampered test efforts.

The Government of Southern Australia on Friday announced a new $ 40 million aid package to support companies affected by the pandemic.

The compensation will vary according to company type and income

Steven Marshall December 31, 2021.
Prime Minister Steven Marshall has confirmed that two more COVID-19-positive people have died in southern Australia. (9 news)

Businesses in the tourism, hospitality and fitness industries may be eligible for up to $ 22,000 – an automatic payment of $ 11,000 and potentially $ 11,000 more upon application.

Licensing fees for spirits may also be waived to reduce the burden on hospitality businesses.

Other affected companies may receive payouts of up to $ 8,000.

Major events that have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 may be eligible for $ 100,000.

Two deaths and more than 2,000 cases

During the night, 2,093 new infections were recorded, with the South Australian Premier Steven Marshall confirms that both the people who died were in geriatric care and COVID-19 positive at the time of their death.

Their causes of death have not been confirmed and have been referred to the forensic pathologist.

The number of new cases has increased by hundreds after 1374 infections reported yesterday.

“This (increase) seems to be associated with activities that took place on and around Christmas Day,” Mr Marshall said of the “significant leap”.

“Yes, there has been another increase today, I think we will see the numbers jump around a bit.

“Hopefully, those numbers will start to drop in the coming days.”

There were long queues at an entry-level vaccination clinic in the Adelaide suburb of Wayville, where many were waiting for a COVID-19 booster shot.
Residents are encouraged to seek a test only if they are symptomatic, and to book an appointment in advance. (9 news)

Currently, 44 people are in the hospital with “COVID-related issues.”

Only four patients are on intensive care.

The family of dead toddlers is asking for privacy

Marshall said he had received correspondence from the child’s family.

“They’re asking for some privacy at the moment,” he said.

“This is a traumatic time for their family.”

The death of the child is a supplement to the death of a woman in the 90s this week who has also contracted the virus. The causes of their death have not yet been confirmed and have been referred to the forensic pathologist.

The state introduces the booster shot mandate

Sir. Marshall also announced that a third COVID-19 vaccine will be made mandatory for workers in high-risk environments such as health care and geriatric care.

“Suffice it to say that three doses will be mandatory for those sectors where it is already mandatory (to be vaccinated),” he said.

The state will make booster vaccines mandatory across certain industries. (Photo by Pierre Crom / Getty Images) (Getty)

Test sites close when the temperature rises

The closures came after a record day of testing yesterday, with 25,943 tests performed.

“Southern Australia currently has the second highest test rate per capita in the country,” Mr Marshall said.

“And the second fastest turnaround times in any jurisdiction.”

South Australia Health confirmed that the facilities will reopen at 17.30.

“We will open them until midnight,” Mr Marshall added.

“We have further set up a facility in Hindmarsh. This will run from 10:30 today.”

He encourages anyone seeking a test to book an appointment first and not to seek one if it is asymptotic.

Changes for interstate travelers

Interstate travelers will no longer be required to perform an entry check and rapid antigen test prior to entry into the state.

The changes will take effect immediately.

“It is not a good use of our resources at the moment,” Mr Marshall said.

“We ask all travelers coming from intergovernmental countries to observe exactly the same situation as all South Australians. That is, to monitor their symptoms and to act if they develop.”

In addition, fully vaccinated international arrivals should not be quarantined in the state from midnight tonight.

“It is still a requirement for those who are not fully vaccinated to stay 14 days in a media hotel,” Mr Marshall said.

Victoria registered 5,919 new COVID-19 cases and seven deaths.

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