The weather forecast for New Year’s Eve predicts a huge winter storm for the central United States

New Yorkers can expect mild weather this year to New Year’s Eve, when the ball falls in Times Square, without rain and heights in the mid-50s.

But break out the umbrellas and rainwear for New Year’s Day when rain is forecast for the New York area, as temperatures remain in the mid-50s.

Monday’s weather forecast for NYC brings a big drop in temperatures dropping to 30 degrees, so sit down.

Meanwhile, the center of the country is preparing for some severe snowfall for New Year’s Eve.

A huge winter storm is about to hit the Midwest and the Great Plains when the ball falls in Times Square.

Travel-stopping snowfall is expected in at least 18 states in the center of the country, according to AccuWeather’s meteorologists.

The winter storm hits after more than a foot of snow fell on Southern California and moved through the Colorado Rockies.

Winter storm walls have been issued to five states: Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

The metro areas of Denver, Chicago, Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, Missouri are expected to be hit by the storms this New Year weekend.

Experts predict dangerous travel conditions on New Year’s Eve, which enters New Year’s Day.

The winter storm could too bring an eruption of tornadoes from Texas to Ohio.

Smooth road conditions are expected throughout the Plains States, and flight delays and cancellations expected throughout the country as planes are set due to the storm.

More than 1,000 flights have already been canceled around the US like Friday morning.


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