Twitch 2021: A year of controversy

2020 was a remarkable year for major streamer bans on Twitch, but 2021 has been something else. In many ways, the last 12 months have been much darker and harder: Instead of laughing at self-incriminating Call of Duty cheaters or wondering why Dr. Disrespect was banned, so we marginalized streamers struggled with violent audiences that Twitch was unable to control, while copyright disputes and mismanagement remained a thorn in everyone’s side.

A massive security breach in October exposed the entire platform and dragged the platform into the mainstream spotlight for a while: A digital security expert said the situation was “as bad as it could possibly be.” Still, the crisis quickly blew over, at least in public, and by mid-December, the biggest argument was whether streaming qualified as work or not. Life, as they say, goes on.

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