Wayne County Executive Evans apologizes in a way for making fun of a sexist gag gift

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Wayne County Executive Warren Evans has apologized after he and his chief of staff joked on social media about a sexist gag device ordering women to take off their clothes and do duties.

Chief of Staff Stephen Grady Muhammad posted a picture of the device on Facebook on Christmas Eve, saying “Fellas! Get yours today. $ 49.99,” Deadline Detroit first reported.

Before the post was removed, Evans replied, “You need Fast Forward and free batteries.”

Grady Muhammad added: “I saw the fast forward button. Dang batteries.”

The remote has buttons that command women to clean, have sex, get beer and food, take off clothes, leave and stop whining and laughing.

In a statement, Evans apologized – so to speak.

“In hindsight, I should not have commented, and I can see where people could not take my comment as inappropriate. I apologize to anyone I may have offended,” Evans said.

Amanda Ghannam, a civil rights and employment attorney from Detroit at NachtLaw, said the posts raise several questions.

“I see such a post, so you have to wonder, do these attitudes about women bleed over whether it consciously or unconsciously creeps into employment decisions that are made? Does it lead to employment discrimination? That’s just right for a hostile working environment. ”

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