Why DC’s new Supergirl is the most violent of the multiverse yet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dark Knights of Steel # 2, for sale now from DC Comics.

The world off Dark Knights of Steel is not one of traditional heroes and villains. There are many gray areas where these mythical interpretations of DC’s heroes come into conflict for a variety of reasons, none of which paint them as really good or really evil. That changed, however, when the series introduced its version of Supergirl.

The first number ended with the green arrow of this world making an impossible shot that killed Jor-El. The consequences of this shocking death unfolded in Dark Knights of Steel # 2 by Tom Taylor, Yasmine Putri, Arif Prianto and Wes Abbott. Although King Jefferson Pierce hoped that the death of the Kryptonic king would prevent a prophecy of ruin, all he did was bring it closer to fulfillment. The Kryptonian who did this was none other than the Supergirl of this world.

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In the DC universe, Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El. Here, however, she is his sister, Zala Jor-El. This would mean that she was born on this earth shortly after Superman and his family crashed there. When she first appeared in this issue, she trained on Amazon Island with her lover, Wonder Woman. there was very little that was revealed about her before she was told of her father’s death. Therefore, the only way to judge how she really is and how she compares to Kara, through her reaction to that death, and it is sadly quite gloomy.

Her first response to finding out that King Pierce ordered his father’s death was to fly directly to his kingdom and kill his young son. When the boy threatened to make it rain in her lungs, she was not afraid of him. She simply lost him and let him fall to his death. She did not even fear the mighty king. When he used his lightning powers on her, it had no effect. She even claimed it was tickling. Green Arrow was about to take one he knew was far stronger than him. Supergirl, on the other hand, killed a defenseless child.

The question even made a point by noting that Dark Knights of Steel Superman is not a killer, even when filled with anger over his father’s death and confronts his killer. This makes it even more shocking when Zala committed murder for the same reason.

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Clearly, this version of Supergirl lets her anger get the better of her, and in the worst possible way. The supergirl from the regular DCU has actually been through something similar, even with some destructive consequences. When she became a red lantern in New 52, ​​the red ring drove her into a rage that sent her mad. She almost killed her best friend, but was able to resist the urge and found help. She eventually learned to control the enormous anger that was trapped within her with the help of Guy Gardener.

Why, though, was Supergirl angry enough to inherit a Red Lantern ring? Well, because she had lost everything. Her home world was destroyed, and everything in her life since that moment had gone horribly wrong. Although Zala has just lost her father, it is nothing compared to Kara’s loss. It is important to note that Kara resisted the insatiable Red Lantern’s urge to kill, whereas Zala did not even try to resist her own. Instead, she decided to hit her enemy where it hurt and in the most cruel way possible.

Zala Jor-El could be the most violent Supergirl in the multiverse. The fact that she is unable to control her anger here, and the fact that she too has been trained to kill by the Amazons, makes her extremely dangerous. This cruel murder could very well be just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what else she is capable of?

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