5 QAnon predictions in 2021 that did not surprisingly happen

The QAnon conspiracy movement is built on many years of failed predictions, and 2021 was no different with supporters nurturing their hopes that earthquakes and even amazing events would take place.

QAnon supporters believe that an interconnected global cannibalistic pedophile elite is engaged in child sex trafficking on an industrial scale and that former President Donald Trump will expose them before ordering their arrests and executions.

To explain their worldview, QAnon supporters have built a myth around the movement and have previously made several predictions, most notably that former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would be arrested for her role in the solitaire – a claim that has been made. without evidence.

2021 was no different, with conspiracy theorists making outrageous predictions that had to go unfulfilled.

Mass arrests and executions of Joe Biden and alleged members of ‘Deep State’

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In this photo, Biden speaks before signing HR 3537 in the South Court Auditorium in the White House complex on December 23, 2021. Joe Biden is not seen as the legitimate president of QAnon supporters.
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Following his election victory, Joe Biden was installed as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th.

But in the days leading up to the formal ceremony, several QAnon supporters believed that suspected members of an elite pedophile solitaire would be arrested and executed.

Of course, the prediction did not come true, leaving many QAnon supporters frustrated that none of the promises made to them had come true.

“I’m trying to trust the plan, but I do not even know what it is anymore guys,” wrote Maggie Mae on Telegram.

“What’s going on? What are we waiting for? Trump is not president and nothing is happening today. When will there be arrests? When will [deep state] Solitaire being taken down? I’m not sure where the show is. “

After the prediction failed, QAnon influencer John Sabal told his Telegram followers: “I’m sorry I refuse to think this is over. Too many ‘coincidences’.

“I understand that, not everyone here has been following Q for as long as some have done, so it may not make sense what’s going on. There are many different things going on and taking place that we can not / will not see DC is literally a prison and thousands of NG [national guards] is now acting U.S. Marshal. “

Trump would return to the White House on March 4

Trump attends a border security briefing
Former President Donald Trump is attending a border security briefing to discuss further plans to secure the southern border wall on June 30, 2021 in Weslaco, Texas. QAnon supporters have thought Trump would return to the White House after election fraud is proven.
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In an attempt to explain how Biden could possibly sit in office, a new prediction was made – namely that Trump would again be sworn in as president on March 4.

March 4 was the standing presidential inauguration day prior to the adoption of the 20th Amendment in 1933.

Aware of this March 4 conspiracy, federal agencies, including the U.S. Capitol Police and the Department of Homeland Security, had been preparing for potential uprisings.

But in the wake of the community’s suspicion, several QAnon influencers distanced themselves from the date and even claimed it was a “MSM (mainstream media) false flag” setup.

Election review in Arizona will prove that Trump won the vote in 2020

Cyber ​​Ninjas, Arizona Election Audit, Jack Wilenchik
Entrepreneurs working for Cyber ​​Ninjas, who was hired by the Arizona State Senate, examine and retell ballots from the 2020 general election at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on May 1, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. QAnon supporters put their hopes up for the Maricopa County audit.
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Reluctant to accept that Trump had in fact lost the 2020 presidential election, QAnon supporters put their hopes in Arizona’s controversial Maricopa County audit, which they believed would show evidence of mass fraud.

Ron Watkins, a major figure in the QAnon conspiracy movement, was so convinced that the Maricopa audit would expose mass fraud that he said the Biden administration’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan was somehow a deliberate attempt to distract people from its presumed revelations.

In a Telegram post on August 16, Watkins said: “The ongoing failure in Afghanistan is only the beginning of a planned distraction campaign so they can ignore the results of the Maricopa County Audit. All eyes are on Maricopa County.”

But the September review would confirm that Biden won the state and did so with slightly more votes than he had originally done.

JFK Jr. returns to the place where his father was murdered

Photo by JFK Jr.
John Kennedy, Jr. attends ceremony awarding the John Kennedy Prize. JFK Jr. is a major figure in the QAnon myth for many followers.
Brooks Kraft / Contributor / Getty

Considered on the fringes of the QAnon movement, supporters of Michael Protzman – known as Negative 48 on Telegram – apparently came to Dallas in November to witness the return of John F. Kennedy Jr., an impossible feat, having died in several decades.

Those who believed in the bizarre prediction believed that JFK Jr. would reveal himself to the world and announce Trump as the true president of the dozens of Americans gathered at the scene of the assassination of his father John F. Kennedy

Protzman later appeared to lean into the negative reaction he received, and was later seen wearing a tinfoil hat, generally associated with conspiracy theorists.

Despite the prediction not coming true, many of Protzman’s Dallas QAnon faction remained in the city and have regularly asked for donations on Telegram in an effort to keep the group in Texas.

Return to using Julian Calendar

stock image of calendar
Stock image of a calendar. QAnon supporters believed the Julian calendar would be reintroduced.
Kwangmoozaa / Getty

In addition to expecting JFK Jr. to return, members of the Dallas QAnon faction predicted that people would adopt the Julian calendar as part of the assassination of the assassinated president’s son.

QAnon influencer Mike Penny predicted on November 2 that the calendar change would take place after JFK Jr. announced Trump as the true president, and that the date would somehow go back to October 20th.

In a YouTube livestream on November 1, Penny said, “Tomorrow night, at midnight, we’re going back an hour, and we’re going back to October 20, and we’ll be back to the Julian calendar. We’re having Halloween. twice.”

The shift away from the older Julian calendar occurred over hundreds of years in the West, where the first countries had adopted the new Gregorian calendar in the 16th century.

The rationale behind the switch to the Gregorian calendar was that it corrected an error about the frequency of using a spring day every three years instead of every four.

Veronica Wolski ivermectin
A car with a flag supporting QAnon drives past while supporters of President Donald Trump gather for a rally outside the governor’s mansion on November 14, 2020 in St. Louis. Paul, Minnesota. QAnon supporters have made several predictions that have not come true.
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