A mistake future MCU shows should be avoided from the Hawkeye finals

Hawkeye’s finale had too many plot lines to fully explore in the finale, which ended up hurting several characters like Kingpin and Maya Lopez.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Hawkeye.The long-awaited Hawkeye finale was plagued by a fatal flaw that undermined several of its characters, one that future MCU shows will have to learn to avoid. The series, which served as Kate Bishop’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showed the young hero’s journey as her path collided with the titular Hawkeye. In the same way as the previous Disney + Marvel series, such as Loki and WandaVision, Hawkeye did an incredible job of showing his characters dealing with the consequences of past MCU events. The first half of the series cements this with the main conflict in the show, driven by Clint Barton, who must confront the enemies he made in his time as Ronin.


However, this is also going to cost due to the fact that while the start of the show sets the stage with new characters and explores the past, it ended up having to do more legwork to advance the plot towards the finale. Though Hawkeye featured a colorful array of characters such as Wilson Fish / Kingpin, Maya Lopez / Echo and Yelena Belova from Black widow, many of them were first introduced in the second half of the show along with new plotlines attached to them. An example of this would be Maya Lopez, whose full introduction in the third episode, “Echoes,” helped cement her abilities, but they hardly caught bare bones in her background story, especially when it came to her relationship with Kingpin.

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Having too many backstories and plot lines led to Hawkeye‘s fatal mistake in the final. Hawkeye struggled with his pace, which can be felt in the series’ hour-long finale as a result. First, there is the question of Kingpin, whose first actual appearance was back to the finale. As a result, several important plot points were also moved to the finale, such as Eleanor Bishop’s justification for her actions and Maya’s betrayal. This is significant because all of the converging plot lines do not have enough breathing space to be crammed into the finale. While Eleanor herself has disappeared for much of the episode, the audience hardly gets a glimpse of what her role was, why she was so crucial to Kingpin’s operations, and what her plan was to survive his rage. Maya’s character also faces this very problem, where her betrayal of Kingpin may have been more emotional, but the only interaction we see between the two is after she suspects him of killing her father. All these errors boil over into an unsatisfactory conclusion too Hawkeye series, and it’s a pattern that future MCU shows will have to break.

Hawkeye Kingpin drill

Unfortunately, it’s a critique shared by almost all of the previous Disney + Marvel shows, including WandaVision, Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Many of these shows left too many plot points to be explained to the last, something that eventually became the downfall of Hawkeye series ending. Characters are introduced either at the very end to set them up for the future or hyped only to have little influence on the actual narrative. In advance, Marvel’s Disney + shows risk copying the films, which often feel less like complete stories and more like two-hour setups for the next one. Now that there has already been a year of new shows, Marvel Studios needs to do a better job of balancing the story being told with what lies ahead and solving the tempo problems that massively hampered almost all of their Disney + shows this year.

In the end, the problem is not Hawkeye the finale itself, but simply how much better it could have been performed if it had not all been stuffed into the end. Giving Kingpin more direct action in the plot or even simply elaborating on what his relationship with Maya Lopez was would have added much more gravity to his seemingly last moments. Future MCU shows will have to focus on actually fully developing plotlines, a pitfall that unfortunately fell Hawkeye right to the very end.Next: Hawkeye copies Batman V Superman’s Martha Trick (But Better)

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