Citi Bike is quietly raising the price of its annual membership

It will soon cost more green to get on one of New York City’s blue bikes.

From January 28, annual memberships to Citi Bike will cost $ 185 plus tax, up from $ 179, according to a notice posted on the bicycle share’s website. That’s about a 3 percent jump.

Electric bike rides for members will cost 15 cents a minute, up from 12 cents, though rides starting or ending outside of Manhattan will remain limited to $ 3 plus tax.

Non-members pay $ 3.99 per single ride, up from $ 3.50, and more for e-bikes as well.

Citi Bike spokesman Jordan Levine chalked up the price rise to “inflation caused by rising supply chain costs”, which he said “has affected us significantly like many other parts of the economy.”

Bicycle parts in particular have increased in cost – as Citi Bike aims to add thousands of new docks to the system and roll out a new e-bike model.

A frequent cyclist on the Citi Bike, who declined to be named, said the climb is sharpening his gear.

“I just want to get around the city without having to keep paying more. Cycling is great, but it’s a little less great when it costs more, ”he said.

Eric Finkelstein, the first Citi Bike rider to visit all 1,500+ stations, said he does not sweat the price increase.

A stand with Citi Bikes on the street.
Citi Bike spokesman Jordan Levine attributed the rise in inflation to inflation caused by supply chain problems.
Universal Images Group via Getty

“Citi Bike changed NYC life for me, so I do not mind the increase. Although it is a reminder, their basic problem has not changed – entire neighborhoods have chronically no vacant bikes or berths. I wonder if the ongoing expansions of these price-raising funds will help with that, ”he said.

Citi Bike is owned by Silicon Valley darling Lyft, who bought the bike company’s parent company in 2018. At the time, it committed to investing $ 100 million in growing Big Apple’s bike share; $ 87 million of that amount had been invested in September, according to securities.


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