Fort Worth Church Opens Its Doors and Provides Services as a COVID-19 Clinic – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

At New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Pastor Kyev Tatum has opened his church as a COVID-19 clinic.

He said it was something he had to bring to this area.

“It breaks my heart that when there is a crisis, our society gets shorts changed,” Tatum said.

What he calls a wallless clinic offers COVID-19 testing, booster shots and monoclonal antibody infusions.

“There is no infusion center in 76104, east of 76104 the Morningside area,” Tatum said. “So we were able to get some of the individuals the monoclonal antibodies that tested positive.”

People who come through are happy that this is in their community for their safety and for those they love.

“I have no symptoms or anything, but I want to make sure I have nothing to expose others to,” said Shallie Bey, who was tested.

To do this, Tatum faced some challenges.

“What we did not know was that the demand would be so great,” Tatum said. “So we have a waiting list of a hundred people, but we did not have enough monoclonal antibodies to give them the infusion.”

He also faces the virus that affects those who try to help.

“We are missing nurses because they have caught covid,” Tatum said. “But we’re providing testing today for some and reservations for people who need to have the boots on Tuesday.”

Through it all, he does not stop his mission to help his community.

“I think it is only by the grace of God, because we sincerely care about our community, that he allows us to stay on the front lines and continue to serve,” Tatum said.


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