Greg Gutfeld reflects on the highlights and lowlights of 2021 with the ‘Gutty Awards’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld announced his “Gutty Awards” in 2021 in a special New Year’s Eve episode of “Gutfeld!”

The panel began by discussing who they considered the biggest hypocrites of 2021.

Gutfeld started the conversation with his candidate, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose “idea of ​​social distancing is to eat at restaurants so expensive that he will never encounter any working class.”

Comedian Jamie Lissow agreed with Gutfeld’s assessment of Newsom as a hypocrite, but chose Dr. Anthony Fauci as the biggest hypocrite of the year.

Frequent “Gutfeld!” Panelist Tire did not name a single person as the biggest hypocrite, but rather an entire entity – CNN. When Gutfeld asked if there was a reason he named the cable network, Tire simply replied, “Haven’t you seen the news recently?”


Kat Timpf agreed with Gutfeld’s position on Newsom, but called on people who made rules that everyone should follow, but who did not follow them themselves. Fox News host Dana Perino noted that the mayors of Chicago, Washington, DC and San Francisco over the course of a week were at public events where people were expected to be masked, and yet they thwarted the rules – the three mayors “take cake” for the greatest hypocrite in Perino’s judgment.

Gutfeld went on to “Tool of the Year” – a three-way draw for him between actor Seth Rogan, former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Illinois Republican rep. Adam Kinzinger. Gutfeld hit the trio: “Seth blamed white supremacy for his new show. And Chris – he was a huge tool, even before he helped his brother fend off allegations of sexual harassment. And after being emotionally crushed by Trump, Adam is chasing just the media spotlight. looking for strange new respect. ”

Tire and Perino named Cuomo’s former CNN colleagues as tools, namely Brian Stelter and Jeffrey Toobin, respectively.

The next Gutty that was at stake was “The Most Racist Event of the Year,” in which Gutfeld chose classrooms where critical race theory is taught, with a close second to everyone who employs Joy Reid. Tire kept his CNN strip alive and named Don Lemon for his free use of the “white supremacy” brand.

The “Worst Politician of the Year” category had a resounding winner with Gutfeld, Lissow and Perino naming New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis was named by Perino and Lissow as “Best Politician,” while Gutfeld and Tire praised the work of Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.


Gutfeld presented the “Biggest Hoax” category, which both Tire and Timpf said Jussie Smollett’s false hate crime was the obvious choice for. Perino, however, took a shot at the New York Times’ 1619 project. Lissow received applause from the audience when he said the biggest scam was that “we put this super-old guy in and pretended he was the president.” Perino doubled Smollett as he discussed “Crime of the Year.”


Tire hit CNN again in the “Biggest Implosion” category, naming Chris Cuomo’s downfall. For the third time, Perino named Smollett as one who imploded in 2021.

The Guttys concluded with “The Most Underrated History of the Year”, as the host said his choice was easy – “Gutfeld!” show beat all the latenight programs.

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