Inhumans’ coolest redesign got only one thing wrong (but it was big)

In Marvel Knights: Millenial Visions, Inhumans gets a cool redesign; Unfortunately, they also made a fundamental change to the fan favorite Lockjaw.

That inhuman coolest redesign failed only one thing; unfortunately it was a pretty big thing. This aesthetic upgrade was part of a series of redesigns in the 2001s Marvel Knights: Millenial Visions. The team’s updated look came from Manuel Gutierrez and Jose Villarrubia, while Bill Rosemann wrote the amazing background story.

Marvel Knights: Millenial Visions was a gallery book of artwork and short “What if?” style synopses that imagined how Marvel’s talent could portray different characters in future stories. Such wild footage includes an AI version of Captain America, Black Widow as the mother of more than a hundred children created from Spider-Man’s DNA, and an undead mutated Bullseye. Previously, there had been an X-Men version of Millenial Visions that had a hypothesis about where stories involving the X team The Exiles would go next.


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The art of Inhumans’ redesign is pretty well done. Each of the inhuman gets a sleek new look for their costumes. Black Bolt drops his helmet in favor of a cape that also covers half of his front like a cape. Medusa’s redesign is probably the most drastic, as it has been transformed into a transparent creature. But the big problem with this new look is that Lockjaw is a brand new dog breed. He’s still oversized, but he’s a bull terrier instead of a bulldog. Inhuman devotees can be fanatical about Lockjaw, who is without a doubt one of the best inhuman characters, so it will definitely be a step too far to change his race, even though the rest of the redesigners are amazing.

The background to Inhumans’ redesign, titled “It’s A Doggie Dog World,” is also one of the best in Millenial Visions, probably because it is told through Lockjaw’s perspective. In the story, Magneto, whom Lockjaw only refers to as the helmet head, arrives to recruit the inhuman to the mutant cause. When he discovers that inhumans are not mutants, Magneto attacks their castle. During the battle, Medusa is exposed to several Terrigen nebulae and further transforms into a strange creature. Of course, Lockjaw saves the day by teleporting Magneto far away.

The Inhumans are the only characters in Millennial visions to get another redesign, but it’s not nearly as good. The story is titled “Stepping Into New Shoes” and focuses on Kree and Galactus. This art redesign is by Georges Jeanty, Dexter Vines and Jose Villarrubia and changes their costumes to make the team look more like Eternals.

No matter how many redesigns the team undergoes, Lockjaw remains a favorite among fans Inhuman comics. Although the first redesigns were impressive to look at, it would be a difficult pill to swallow for devotees to change Lockjaw so radically.

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