Kojima’s next game will blur the line between the media

Destructoid reported an interview Hideo Kojima made with the Japanese game magazine Famitsu for the new year. In it, he talks about Kojima Productions’ next project, which he describes as a game that will blur the line between media, just as the industry is preparing to do the same very soon.

The election quote from the interview is here:

“A great title, and a title that is a new challenge. As the boundaries of entertainment disappear in the near future, I would like to make this a year where we take a step forward in challenging different media and expressions.”

It is a well known fact that Kojima loves movies and would like to make them one day, so one has to wonder if this new project will be a way to sneak the cinema into his game in a more literal way. Maybe it’s the rumors of horror he’s wanted to make. Or it could be something completely outside the left field that Death Stranding was. Either way, mixed media is an exciting direction for what Kojima has planned for next time. Hopefully we will soon see what it is and how challenging it will be to develop.

Kojima’s latest release is Director’s Cut of Death Stranding, which shows all of his glorious excesses perfectly and imperfectly. There are also rumors that Death Stranding 2 is in negotiations. Whether this is Kojima Productions’ next project is anyone’s guess. Whatever it is, let’s hope Kojima actually understands what it is, unlike Death Stranding.

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