Labor promises $ 500 million for Sydney for Newcastle stage of the high-speed train of the future

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese will pledge hundreds of millions of dollars for a fast-track rail link between Sydney and Newcastle if Labor wins the upcoming federal election as part of a plan to launch a high-speed rail network along the country’s east coast.

Sir. Albanese, who will reveal the plan in a speech on Sunday in the Labor heartland of Newcastle, said a $ 500 million payout for the new connection between the regional center and the country’s largest capital would be provided in his first federal budget. The initial funds would help cover land acquisition in the corridor, planning and early works, but the project would require the participation of the state government.

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese has pledged $ 500 million as an initial fund to start work on the Newcastle to Sydney motorway.

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese has pledged $ 500 million as an initial fund to start work on the Newcastle to Sydney motorway.Credit:Janie Barrett

Labor has previously said it would create a high-speed rail authority if it won the upcoming federal election in an attempt to launch a “nation-building project” running from Melbourne to Brisbane. The trains on the line would run at 350 km / h and stop in Canberra, Sydney and other regional centers.

“The growth that we have seen outside [capital cities] will accelerate and that growth, when looking at decentralization, is more attractive to people, ”said Mr Albanese Solheralden and Aging prior to the speech.

He said shorter commutes from regional areas could help with housing affordability, reduce emissions and traffic accidents from the number of cars commuting and encourage more businesses to move out of the capitals. The cost of living, including property prices, has become an early battleground between the coalition and Labor in the run-up to the election.


“If you change that dynamic [the length of time it takes to get from regional hubs to capital cities] you change the economy of the business establishments in favor of decentralization, ”he said.

The high-speed train network will include stops on the central coast and reduce a trip from Sydney to Newcastle to 45 minutes. Currently the trip takes 2½ hours. The initial phase of high-speed trains would cut this part of the journey down to two hours.

Sir. Albanese will also unveil plans on Sunday to provide additional support for GP access after work, which will turn around $ 500,000 in cuts. Labor says opening hours have been reduced at post-opening health clinics in areas including Newcastle. The service assists 50,000 patients a year, including through 70,000 telephone consultations.

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