The Tesla Giga Austin will start production next week

Tesla Giga Austin in Texas may soon begin production of Tesla Model Y according to a new, unofficial report.

Joe Tegtmeyer, who closely observes the plant construction with excellent drone videos and analyzes, has written that production will start next week – that is, the first days of 2022.

The initial batch had already been sent for testing, according to the report:

“Breaking: A little news, I just heard on the site today … the actual production for Giga Texas starts next week! They’re already driving finished cars inside the factory, and several finished cars are already at test sites outside the state that crashes and other tests completed. “

That would be pretty big news, if true, not only for this particular plant, but also in a broader perspective, especially since the Tesla Giga Berlin has not yet started series production, despite the project being launched several months earlier.

We are guessing that with the launch of the European Giga Factory in early 2022, Tesla will increase and expand its business rapidly on three continents.

Only time will tell how fast Tesla will expand and how it will affect the availability and prices of Tesla cars. The big question is also about whether the new 4680-type cylindrical cells will be used and how they will affect the range / performance.

One thing is for sure, it will be another interesting and electrifying year. An open question is whether the production of Tesla Cybertruck in Texas starting in 2022? At that time, there were to be several all-electric pickup trucks on the market, including Rivian, Ford and GM models.

Here are the latest videos from the site in Texas:

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