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SAN DIEGO – Like the year before, 2021 went in a veil for many San Diegans, and there’s a good chance that there were some landmark events that already feel like a foggy memory.

Here’s a look back at some of the stories that defined the year in your community:

San Diegan was killed in the Capitol uprising

A photo of Ashli ​​Babbitt, the woman shot and killed by a Capitol police officer as she tried to crawl through a door during the January 6 riots. (Photo: The Babbitt family)

January 6: A day like few others in American history: Pro-Trump rioters overpowered police to break into the US Capitol building in an attempt to disrupt the election certification process for then-President Joe Biden. Killed in chaos was San Diegan Ashli ​​Babbitt, shot dead by a police officer as he climbed through the broken window of a barricaded door to the Speaker’s Lobby.

Chula Vista mother of three Maya Millete disappears

A missing person poster for Maya “May” Millete, a South Bay mother of three.

January 9: Maya “May” Millete’s disappearance gripped society in 2021. She was reported missing by Sister Maricris Drouaillet due to growing concern after days without communication. What followed was a saga that has included numerous searches in the community and prayer guards, but she has never been found. Maya’s husband, Larry, is currently charged and charged with his murder. He denies the allegations.

The cathedral’s Catholic teacher killed in shooting

Students and staff at Cathedral Catholic High School gathered late Monday, February 1, 2021 to pay tribute to Mario Fierro. Authorities found Fierro, 37, just after noon. 7 Monday without reacting and with a gunshot wound on a sidewalk in the 4500 block of Kansas Street.

February 1: The Catholic community in the cathedral came together to mourn the beloved director Mario Fierro after he was shot down in the North Park neighborhood. Fierro, 37, had just become engaged to a co-teacher and was vaguely remembered by colleague Katie Wilson as “the best man.” San Diego resident Jesse Alvarez was later arrested and charged with Fierro’s murder. He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

Fatal Imperial County crash near the US-Mexico border

March 1: The impact was catastrophic. Thirteen people died when an SUV with 25 people collided with a truck on State Highway 115 north of Holtville. The rest of the people in the vehicle and the semi-truck driver survived. Border Patrol officials said the SUV came from Mexico and entered the United States through a hole cut in the Southern California border fence. A man was later arrested for allegedly coordinating a human trafficking.

3 died as the driver swerved out onto the sidewalk near the camp

Police and firefighters responded to a crash that killed three people and injured six near City College.

March 15th: The city’s homelessness problem came to the fore when a suspected handicapped driver swerved onto a sidewalk near San Diego City College, hitting nine people camped there, killing three of them: Rodney Diffendal, 40; Randy Ferris, 65; and Walter Jones, 61. Craig Martin Voss pleaded not guilty to aggravated manslaughter in vehicles and was placed under house arrest. Mayor Todd Gloria highlighted the crash as a chance to “provide more compassionate solutions to people experiencing homelessness.”

Musgrove writes history for Friars

San Diego Padre’s pitcher Joe Musgrove was honored with a mural painted on his alma mater at Grossmont High School in El Cajon, California.

April 9: Joe Musgrove did the unthinkable. The El Cajon native, acquired by the Padres in an offseason trade, fired the first no-hitter in the team’s history in a 3-0 victory over the Texas Rangers. And from the start, it was not just a baseball story, but a story about a community that showed up around their hometown hurray. Fans flocked to his family’s coffee bar in Alpine in the wake, and it was not long before his picture was pasted onto his alma mater Grossmont High School thanks to Ground Floor Murals. He will end his excellent year next week by serving as honorary chairman of the Holiday Bowl.

The passenger beats the flight attendant on a flight to San Diego

Video released in May shows a woman throwing several blows at a flight attendant on a plane to San Diego, resulting in her being escorted away and arrested. (Photo credit: Michelle Manner)

May 23: It’s an ugly scene. A passenger was caught on video throwing blows at a Southwest Airlines flight attendant after the airline said she “repeatedly ignored standard instructions during the flight.” It happens in the middle of a year of unruly behavior on planes, largely driven by objections to the pandemic-era restrictions. The passenger, Vyvianna Quinonez, pleaded guilty in December to a federal charge of disturbing flight crew members and companions. She risks jail time, fines and a three-year commercial airline ban.

Married SDPD detectives killed in accident

SDPD detectives Ryan Park and Jamie Huntley-Park, who were killed in a highway accident in San Ysidro in June 2021. (Photo: Bally Sports)

4 June: A violent collision on Interstate 5 in San Ysidro took the lives of Escondido residents Ryan Park, 32, and Jamie Huntley-Park, 33. The two San Diego police detectives who married in 2016 were not on duty at the time. of the accident and followed up on cases they were working on in a city-owned car. Also killed in the accident was the driver of the other vehicle, 58-year-old Sandra Daniels of Ramona. The pair were remembered by boss David Nisleit as a pair of “rising stars” in the department.

California lifts most pandemic restrictions

A masked man carries his takeaway order out of a restaurant in Chula Vista, California on June 15, 2021.

June 15: One state welcomed the repeal of California’s stay-at-home order, repeal of capacity limits, mask requirements for fully vaccinated residents, and physical distance requirements for businesses. It was a long time coming, a sign that the pandemic was heading in the right direction and that a return to normal life would soon be possible. However, this has not quite happened. The state has seen ebb and flow with its virus cases and hospitalizations, with state health officials recently taking steps to stem the flow.

Intense fentanyl PSA arouses controversy

Authorities released body camera video of a sheriff’s deputy in San Diego County collapsing after being exposed to fentanyl in the field last month. PSA was disputed by medical experts, who said the deputy’s reaction was probably a stress reaction, not an overdose. (San Diego County Sheriff’s Department photo)

August 5: The video is shocking: A sheriff’s deputy in San Diego County is handling a bag of white powder from a vehicle he was looking for when he suddenly stumbles and collapses to the ground without reacting. The sheriff’s department released the video as evidence of the dangers of fentanyl exposure, but the PSA was highly controversial after the San Diego sheriff said he, not a doctor, diagnosed the case as an overdose. A medical expert told FOX 5 that the deputy had probably had a high-stress reaction.

Governor Gavin Newsom defeats the recall election

California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks at a meeting of the California Governorate on Sunday, September 12, 2021 in Sun Valley, California (AP Photo / Ringo HW Chiu)

September 14: Governor Gavin Newsom defeated a recall attempt that was anything but ordinary: The out-of-cycle election had an unknown format, bitter party-political struggles, and even a living bear at a stop in the San Diego campaign. Eventually, the incumbent governor defeated the recall in a contest that lacked excitement. In San Diego County, 57% of voters voted “no” to remove Newsom from office.

Mother, child dies this fall from Petco Park’s dining area

The scene shortly after a woman and her young son fell to their deaths in Petco Park before a fight on September 25th.

25th September: San Diego Padres fans were amazed to hear a woman holding her toddler fall an estimated six floors down from the dining area at Petco Park shortly before a game. None of them survived the fall. The mother was remembered as a beloved, longtime instructor at a virtual academy. The circumstances of the tragic fall are still controversial: A witness told FOX 5 that the woman lost her balance after jumping on a bench with her son several times; a family lawyer blamed the lack of security measures and promised an unlawful death sentence.

Deadly plane crash surprises Santee community

An image from October 11, 2021 shows fire trucks washing down wreckage after a deadly little plane crash in Santee. (SkyFOX)

October 11th: A two-engine Cessna plunged to the ground in Santee, killing the pilot – a cardiologist in Arizona – and a beloved UPS driver whose truck was hit by the plane. The accident also razed two houses to the ground, leaving a couple badly injured and destroying another family’s newly purchased home. In the wake of the tragedy, stories of resilience and hope: Newlyweds found a missing wedding ring in the rubble, and society gathered to raise funds for those affected.

Larry Millete arrested 9 months after his wife’s disappearance

Larry Millete, accused of killing his missing wife Maya, shows up for a bail hearing in which he was denied eligibility for bond release on November 4, 2021.

October 19: Nine months of relentless searching and endless speculation about what happened to Maya Millete culminated in the arrest of her husband, Larry, on suspicion of her murder. Larry’s case is still in the trial and Maya’s remains have not been found. But prosecutors have begun presenting their case against Larry, saying he was an unbalanced and jealous husband who enlisted the help of online wizards to try to control his alienated wife. Larry has denied all charges and suggested Maya disappear by herself.

Lost cash causes chaos on Carlsbad motorway

Photos published in a bulletin from the CHP and the FBI urging people involved in the race for money on the San Diego freeway to hand them back. (Photos: CHP / FBI)

November 19: In just a few surreal minutes, drivers who saw cash blow across the highway in front of them became involved in a story that reached national news and prompted an FBI investigation. Bags of cash fell from an armored vehicle and got one free for all, with drivers (some of whom registered themselves) stopping traffic to raise money. Some thought better and returned the bills under threat of serious charges.

California reinstates mandate for indoor mask

A masked worker at Valentina’s in Encinitas, California talks to a customer on the phone Tuesday, December 21, 2021. (Isaac Cadriel, FOX 5)

December 13: It feels a bit fitting that San Diegans ended 2021 right back where they started with COVID-19 protocols, at least on the issue of face coverage. Despite significant progress in getting people vaccinated and reducing the number of seriously ill people, the rise in the omicron variant and concerns about a winter rise prompted California to reinstate its indoor mask mandate. The reaction from San Diego residents was mixed.


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