Weather in Minnesota: 2022 begins with a night of dangerous cold – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minnesota brings in the new year with a bang of Arctic air.

Almost the entire state is under one wind cooling warning from midnight to noon New Year’s Day.

According to WCCO meteorologist Chris Shaffer, communities in northern Minnesota can experience dangerously cold wind chills near 50 degrees below zero. In such a cold cold, frostbite can settle on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes.

“The bottom line is: it’s going to feel pretty brutal out there,” Shaffer said.

(Credit: CBS)

Twin Cities is not in the wind chill warning area. But the subway, southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin are under wind cooling advice. Saturday morning it is expected to be minus 20 degrees in Minneapolis.

According to Shaffer, temperatures in the twin cities will not rise above zero on New Year’s Day. The story for Sunday seems to be pretty much the same, albeit a little warmer.

“It is very possible that we could spend almost 40 consecutive hours below zero,” Shaffer said, describing the weekend forecast.

Those who brave the cold to watch the NHL Winter Classic at Target Field on Saturday will have to seriously gather. When the puck drops at 6 p.m., the mercury in Minneapolis is expected to be about 6 below zero. If you take wind cooling into account, it will feel like 20 below zero.

According to Dr. Scott Cline from St. Cloud Hospital, when the wind cooling factors drop below -15, frostbite and damage to exposed skin can occur in 30 minutes. The colder it gets, the faster frostbite can occur.

“People need to be aware of when they start getting symptoms,” he said. “You start to feel your hands and feet, cold and then when they are numb and tingling and you can not feel them anymore, that’s when you need to put yourself in a safer situation.”

Looking ahead, temperatures look set to return to the 20s on Monday. The heat appears to continue until Wednesday, when a system may bring the next chance of snow. Then it looks like Minnesota will see another shot of Arctic air.


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