Captain America’s new costume is cool

Marvel’s Avengers: Tech-On series has seen Captain America once again wear armor created by Iron Man, though the last one he wore turned out to be deadly.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers from the latest editions of Tech-On Avengers that are for sale now from Marvel Comics.

When the red skull removes all superhuman abilities from the heroes of the Marvel universe in Tech-On: Avengers series (by Jim Zub, Jeffrey Cruz and Travis Lanham), Captain America returns to its pre-super-soldier serum state as a little Steve Rogers. The threat of Red Skull still threatens, Tony Stark develops unique armor for each of the heroes, including Rogers. The new suit copies all the original powers from Captain America with a warning – the more the suit is used, the more likely it is to kill its wearer.

With shards of Infinity Stones, the red skull changed all of reality by eliminating forces all over the world. Rogers, reduced to his pre-serum physique, is overwhelmed by the costume he has been wearing. Stark’s response is to create bespoke combat suits for the team he has assembled. Announced by Stark as Iron Avengers, each person’s suit mimics their past abilities. Designed by the artist by Ultraman manga, Eiichi Shimizu, Captain America’s armor is streamlined and reproduces newer Iron Man designs with the classic and unmistakable red, white and blue aesthetics of his regular costume. Even his shield is upgraded, able to change trajectory in the middle of the flight.

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This new suit is powered by the same infinity shards that gave Red Skull strength, reduced to a capsule shape called IMSs (Infinity Mirror Shards) that endanger the lives of all who use them. In other words, the armor is powered by completely unpredictable energy on a cosmic level that has the power to evaporate their users in an instant. The IMS capsules last only ten minutes, and overconsumption threatens to destroy both the suit and its wearer.

This is not the first time Stark has made an armor for Captain America. Back in Captain America # 437 (by Mark Gruenwald, Dave Hoover, Danny Bulanadi, George Roussos, and Joe Rosen), the effects of the super-soldier room worsened, bringing Rogers to the point of a heart attack. With his friend and colleague Avenger paralyzed, Stark created an exo-skeletal armor that mimicked Rogers’ abilities. The armor was designed to mimic Rogers’ useless muscles, but it was unable to prevent the imminent threat of his heart giving out.

Unfortunately, Stark’s armor was unable to prevent Rogers from dying eventually. Although it allowed him to do things he never could before, it could not stop his heart from failing. After a stormy rush to visit old friends and enemies, Rogers finally deliberately lay down in his bed wearing the armor and died.

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Years later, after being revived, Steve Rogers put on his armor again, this time to save the red skull. “AXIS” crossover event (by Rick Remender, Adam Kubert, Leinil Francis Yu, Terry Dodson and Jim Cheung). The red skull (then known as the white skull) had remorse over its past atrocities and had the secret to bringing the world back to normal. An elderly Rogers, drained of all his super-soldier abilities, helped the skull restore the world to its former state.

At his usual levels of power, Captain America does not need Stark’s armor much. The times he has worn Tony’s creations stemmed from a loss of his own abilities. He died in armor the first time he wore it, as it did not give protection to his heart. IN Tech-on: Avengers, the stakes are equally high as continued use of the suit increases his chances of being evaporated. Nevertheless, Rogers continues his fight and once again throws the concerns about his own safety into the air while working to ensure the safety of so many others along with his new team of Iron Avengers.

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