Freezing rain, then snow: Winter weather advice in effect for southern Wisconsin Weather

Snow view New Year's Eve 2021.png

Forecasters predict winter storms for both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in southern Wisconsin, with freezing rain expected Friday night and heavy snowstorm expected Saturday.

A notice of winter weather is in effect until Friday at. 22.00 for parts of south central and southeast Wisconsin – including Madison and Dane County – due to a freezing drizzle that is expected to cover the roads with a light glaze of ice, according to the National Weather Service.

“Slow down and be careful while traveling,” warns weather services.

Members of Journey Mental Health’s Yahara House on the east side are collaborating on a project to highlight the center’s namesake (the nearby Yahara River was once known as the Catfish River, from a native name for the fish), celebrating the end of winter and the hope they can reopen mental health clubhouse for limited personal services later this month after operating largely online for most of the past year.

Another announcement will take effect at 15.00 Saturday and lasts until kl. 03.00 Sunday. That storm is expected to bring three to six inches of snow, with up to nine inches possible closer to Lake Michigan due to potential snow impact on the lake, forecasters predict.

But forecasters say the trail and speed of the second storm is still uncertain, and these factors will “strongly” affect how much snow accumulates.

“The bottom line is that there is still potential for parts of central and southern Wisconsin to see snow accumulation,” the weather service said. “How much snow is still questionable.”

Big snowstorm for New Year's Day seems to be giving the biggest blow to southeast Wisconsin

Southeastern Wisconsin has the best chance of seeing heavy snow – a chance of 79% to 92%, depending on the area, the weather service said. A winter storm warning will take effect for some areas of southeastern Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon.


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