Shinedown releases first teaser video for seventh studio album

SHINEDOWN releases first teaser video for seventh studio album

SHIN DOWN has released a short teaser video for the band’s upcoming seventh studio album.

The 42-second clip, which can be seen below, was accompanied by the message: “So it begins … #nuknowmyabcs … Do you? # SD7”.

Last month, SHIN DOWN singer Brent Smith 95.9 Rotten‘s Carl Craft about the new LP’s more “stripped” approach: “We wanted to push everything to the front. And what I mean by that is that we have proven that we can make these records, that there is a lot of music involved in it. , and we’ve put our records in layers over the years because we love music and we love sound, and we try to make really cinematic records, so with that you have a lot of instrumentation that is not just drums, bass, guitar and vocals – we use orchestras, we use a lot of synthesizers, we use a lot of techniques that … We do not believe in … Do not tie your hands up when you make a record. Make the record you want to make. And in the end, though, what we wanted to do with this album was to make it as violent as the other records, but not use as much of any of the style that we have done in the past with layer and layer guitars, adding lots of synth beds, stacking the vocals. “

He continued: “I come from Freddie Mercury school when it comes to vocals and layering and backgrounds and similar things because I try – I say ‘try’ – try to use my voice as an instrument. But this is about really less is more. So the majority of this record is authentic drums, bass, guitar. There is piano songs; there are two really, really very intense piano songs that will be featured SHIN DOWN seven. But we wanted to make a real rock record, we wanted to make a real record where we focus on just making sure the band is heard the way the band is heard. So not many layering. That does not mean it is less powerful; it’s just that we are not dealing with many stacks. We just put things from left to right stereo, pushing everything forward. The vocals are not a multitude of layers – not many effects on the vocals, so not many delays and reverberation and the like. Many of the vocals on the record are dry and straight up in the face. “

Smith also talked about the lyrical themes covered on the new SHIN DOWN album, and said they were at least partially inspired by the ongoing pandemic and the consequent impact on society, residents and businesses.

“By going through everything the world went through last year and we broke the majority of the record last year and this year we could not turn a blind eye to everything that was going on,” he said. “And we talk on this record, and we express on this record – we’re not trying to dance around certain topics. We’re trying to be very honest and very real. In many ways, this is very humanitarian. Record.”

Asked about SHIN DOWN will “piss people off” with some of the lyrical positions taken on the upcoming LP, Smith said: “Possibly. But the thing with that is that I do not necessarily think it’s about peeling people off; it’s about understanding what we all went through, but where we’re going now. I think That it’s gone. It’s never meant to be about … And I say this because I’m very, very brave and very honest about it. This country, it’s not called the United States of America; it’s called the United States of America. , and we want people to understand that it comes down to the people; it comes down to us. And that we are not only able to work with each other, to grow with each other. But when you have certain rulers who do not have your best interests in mind, you have to stand up and make your voice heard.When I see what’s going on with people’s freedom of speech and it’s being censored and people are being pushed into a corner because of their opinions, and what do you have. You need to be able to have constructive conversations with each other to get real action to happen for positive change. “

Regarding the first single from SHIN DOWN‘s seventh album, expected to be released later this month, Brent said: “It honestly deals with everything society has dealt with from a planetary platform, if you will – not just here in the US, but the whole world – how the last 18 months have been, and at least in our opinion, how we must move on.

“Listen, the record … We’re talking about things we’ve never talked about before,” he revealed. “We open up the conversation on various topics SHIN DOWN have never approached. We have the full support of our label, our management and hopefully our fanbase, whether they have been there from day one or they are just figuring out who we are. But it’s a record that I think some people will consider controversial, I think some people will consider very provocative, especially for SHIN DOWN, but it’s also something that we feel is very important and that it is necessary … Do not get me wrong either – there is a lot of triumph on this record, but there is also a lot to have to take a step back and go, ‘What’s really going on? And how do we prevent that from happening if it is to be something negative for humanity as a whole? ‘ Our society, the way we live with each other, we share this planet with a lot of different organisms and creatures. It’s not just about us. It is important that everyone really takes a step back and does not always do it about them. We must work together – e.g. all of us; we have really We need to start working together and really creating a positive change going forward not only for society but also for this beautiful planet that we have been given. “

The follow-up to the 2018s “Warning warning”, which is tentatively coming this spring, was partially recorded in a new studio in Charleston, South Carolina with the group’s bassist and producer at the helm Erik Bass.

In October, SHIN DOWN announced its North American tour in 2022, “Shinedown Live In Concert”. Starting in San Francisco on January 26, the upcoming 22-day excursion will see the acclaimed quartet travel through the West Coast, Canada and more with stops in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Seattle, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. POP ONDSKAB and AYRON JONES will support on selected dates.

SHIN DOWN‘s film “Warning warning”, a cinematic experience of the band’s 2018 studio album of the same name, which premiered worldwide in September.

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