Alienware’s Concept Nyx aims to be four gaming PCs in one

Game streaming seems to be one of the current big steps in PC gaming. It’s also an innovation that can often have a slightly different meaning almost every time you come across it. Nvidia’s GeForce Now is one of the more well-known iterations, where users pay a subscription to access Nvidia’s bank of powerful PCs to play games on and stream to their own. Although some users have found that they are restricted to under their plans. Other services, like Alienware’s new Concept Nyx, are more about streaming games in your own home.

Tom’s Hardware witnessed a demo of Alienware’s Concept Nyx and describes it more as a single powerful PC for a home of gamers. It is a very spooky computer that can stream up to four games at once to other screens around your house and allow you to seamlessly switch between them. For people who are considering something more like GeForce Now but lack the internet connection to handle it, this is a good idea.

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