Green Hell takes a perfect page from Final Fantasy

In Swamp Thing: Green Hell, Swamp Thing is used to protect the planet from humans. It’s a move similar to the one Gaia used in Final Fantasy VII.

Warning: Spoilers for Swamp Thing: Green Hell # 1

DC Comics Black Label story Swamp stuff: Green Hell takes a perfect page from the RPG video game series, Final Fantasy. Swamp thing: Green hell is written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Doug Mahnke. Number 1 of this 3-part miniseries was released on December 28thth of last year.

Green Hell is a story outside of continuity that takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. Climate change caused society to crumble as sea levels rose, leaving room for food shortages. Recognizing that this catastrophe was caused by humanity, the Earth’s various parliaments, representing different aspects of life, discuss possibilities. The red, gray, and rotten ones that respectfully represent animals, mold, and degradation realize that the green that represents plant life is their best chance of ridding the planet of what is causing the problem in the first place: humans. The Green uses the body of a dying man to recreate his avatar known as the Swamp Thing. This new monstrous Swamp Thing then goes on a killing spree and massacres all the people he encounters.


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A very similar story unfolds in the 1997 Playstation game, Final Fantasy VII. During the game, a large meteor is summoned that threatens to end the planet. To protect itself, the planet, named Gaia, awakens several large monsters called WEAPONS. These WEAPONs act as the planet’s defense mechanism and are activated in times of crisis. Crucial, however, is the fact that WEAPONS do not distinguish between the main threat and all threats. Although the meteor was what triggered their awakening, WEAPONs also view humanity as a threat to the planet and also attack humans.

In both their core, Final Fantasy VII and Green Hell are warning tales of pollution and misuse of the planet’s resources. Green Hell takes place in a future on Earth, so it is reasonable to assume that climate change in history is the same man-made climate change that Earth is experiencing now because of humanity. Final Fantasy VIIGaia faces a similar problem. A company called Shinra is abusing the planet by extracting an energy source called Mako from it, which is also the world’s vital life stream.

Although they are similar, the two stories do not offer the same solutions. IN Final Fantasy VII, humans are powerful and have their own weapons to fight back against Gaia’S WEAPONS. IN Green Hell, humans are weak and barely able to survive. They are powerless over the monstrous Greens Swamp stuff. However, the last pages of Issue No. 1 reveal their only hope with the return of the heroic original Swamp Thing, Alec Holland.

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