Harry Potter reunion magically mixes Emma Roberts and Emma Watson

Apparently you know every trick in the (wizard) book and still make mistakes. During the long wait Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts special, which hit HBO Max on Saturday, January 1, wise fans remarked that a baby picture allegedly of Emma Watson was not actually by Watson, but rather portrayed a differently famous Emma: Emma Roberts.

At the top of the thesis, Watson and her teammates Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint reminded of their affiliation with Harry Potter before joining the franchise. During their fit of nostalgia, a picture of a young Emma wearing Minnie Mouse ears pops up in the montage. Although it’s an adorable picture, Emma Watson in the picture is not Emma Watson – the actress who was famous as Hermione Granger for the vast majority of her childhood – but rather her contemporary, Emma Roberts, niece of Julia and star in Screaming queens and American horror story.

The bug was discovered by Twitter user @ vee_delmonico99, who shared the photo from the social media thesis along with a screenshot of Emma Robert’s instagram, where she tweeted “GUYS HELP ME, THAT IS LETTER EMMA ROBERTS NOT EMMA WATSON.” A classic mix.

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Nor has Emma commented on the random prey, but producers for Harry Potter reunion special addressed the error in a statement to Weekly entertainment, and said, “Well done Harry Potter fans! You alerted us to an edit error of an incorrectly tagged photo. A new version will be released soon. “

To be fair, both Emmas are about the same age (Roberts is 31, Watson is 30), have brown hair and were child stars, making them virtually identical in terms of celebs. During the thesis, Watson revealed that at one point she was considering leaving the franchise altogether: “I think I was scared,” Emma told Grint. “I do not know if you have ever felt that it reached a turning point where you thought, ‘This is like seen forever now.'” Fortunately for all of us, she stuck to it – although it is now clear which famous Emma would have replaced her.

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