Is there another season of Paramount Show coming up?

At this point last year, we already knew that Yellowstone came back for another season. Now that the Paramount show is nearing the end of its current season, the network has yet to renew the series for season 5.

Yellowstone Season 4 was renewed in February 2020, four months before even season 3 had been aired. However, the network has not made a similar early renewal.

This is despite the fact that 2021 is an absolutely massive year for the show. While other cable broadcasts tend to lose viewers each year, Yellowstone actually gained millions of fans this year.

While the season 1 premiere of the show was watched by 2.8 million people (and season 3 peaked at 5.1 million), this year’s season 4 premiere was seen by 8.3 million – a series record.

Is Yellowstone coming back for season 5?

yellowstone season 5 release date
Cole Hauser and Kevin Costner in “Yellowstone.” The show has not been officially renewed for season 5 yet.

Although Paramount has been slow to renew the series, the answer is almost certain.

This is not just guesswork based on that fact Yellowstone is officially the most-watched program on cable: A star on the show also appeared to confirm that the series returns to season 5 in an interview.

Rip Wheeler actor Cole Hauser said in an interview about Hall Wines Happy Hour YouTube show: “Taylor [Sheridan, Yellowstone creator] working on it [Season 5] right now. I think we will be back [shooting] sometime in July, I look forward to coming back to Montana. “

In October, a fan posted photos from the Montana ranch showing how much of the show was filmed, showing the area cordoned off with signs Yellowstone “Y” logo indicating that recordings are in progress.

Why no official word on season 5? There can be many reasons for this. For example, Paramount tries to stop spoilers by renewing the show in secret (a trick Netflix does on some of its biggest shows).

The lack of renewal may also be due to the changing TV landscape. As Paramount tries to launch their streaming service Paramount +, it may be that the company has not decided whether to put the next season on the Paramount Network or on Paramount +. The latter, after all, if already streaming home of Yellowstone spin off 1883 and the coming 6666.

When will Yellowstone Is season 5 out?

Although of course we do not have an official release date for season 5, we can make an estimate based on when the filming will begin.

Although Hauser said filming should begin in July 2021, we know filming was delayed until at least the fall. This was reported via a now edited Instagram captured by Yellowstone Reddit with permission from Chief Joseph Ranch, how much of the show has been filmed. The original post revealed that the ranch was available for rent in the summer due to delayed admission.

Why the footage was delayed was not revealed – although creator Taylor Sheridan has much of his plate of juggling footage of the footage. Yellowstone, its two spin-offs and other Paramount + shows Mayor of Kingstown.

What that means for the release date of Yellowstone season 5, is that the show is unlikely to start until the fall of 2022.

Yellowstone Seasons 1 to 3 are now streamed on Peacock; Season 4 is streamed on the Paramount Network and CMT’s websites and apps.

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