Jennie confronts Mary over racist comment

RHOSLC Recap: Wild Rose is being relaunched, and Jennie calls Mary out for the racist comment she made about her eyes;  Plus, Mary denies and digs herself deeper into her confessional writings

In this section of the real housewives of Salt Lake Town, Whitney is planning a big event for her rebrand, which literally cost her (her husband) life savings and Jennie have decided that Mary has gone too far with his comments and decides to (try to) hold Mary accountable. How will to end?!

Jennie visits her husband, Duy, for some lunch … on an adjustment table. Jennie explains that she enjoys coming in to him primarily to make sure there are no sister wives hiding in the office. She fills Duy at her awful pho lunch, emphasizing the part when Mary told her she loves her “beautiful, slanted eyes.” Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Jennie intends to talk to Mary and tell her that her comment was not appreciated.

Mary shows up with Meredith for lunch, and Mary applauds Meredith for her behavior at lunch. Mary felt as if Jennie was coming after her (… Mary used a “character” voice to portray Jennie’s anger), and she thinks she’s Jennie’s punching bag. Meredith listens quietly and lets Mary know that Jennie has a bit of a temperament, and to that Mary suggests Lisa “check out her friend” Jennie.

Speaking of Lisa, Meredith explains that listening to Lisa sing Just‘s roses are a bit triggering. Meredith has a hard time when Lisa states that she’s Meredith’s best friend, but Lisa never stands up to Jen about what she did to Brooks In the past. I’m sorry, but did not find Jen and Brooks up ??? Also who IS Lisa to Meredith at this point ?!

Lisa’s eldest son, Jack, going to the prom, and Lisa goes big for this event. She has hired a professional photographer for memories (of course) and micro-manages the entire photo shoot. How embarrassing to have this prom moment filmed for national television … this poor kid and his date!

The launch of Wild Rose Beauty is only a few days away and Whitney is a hot trade show express. Fortunately, her cousin, Heather, is there to help her get placed and organized. Whitney is more concerned about labeled pillows than she is about filling gift bags. She says she has officially reviewed her entire family’s savings. Whitney’s husband, Justin, emphasizes this fact, and when you invest so much money in a business and have not yet seen any return, it really is a big risk.

Whitney explains that she invites all the ladies from the group, even Lisa and Mary. Heather ponders, “Do you think Mary had anything to do with Jen being charged?” And Whitney points out that Mary was not on the bus that infamous morning when Jen was arrested. It’s not outside the left field to imagine that Mary would do this to Jen, given all the shit Jen did to Mary in the past (see previous memes created by Jen). Whitney further considers whether Meredith told Mary what she knew and handed her the baton over to her … cleared her hands of the drama and put Mary in charge of the information. “And that’s why Meredith and Mary were not on the bus with us.” Hmmm…

Jen’s mother has been her rock since her arrest. Jen claims that doing good to others helps keep her away from the legal drama of her life and so on, and they start putting together some hygiene packages for the National American Tongan Society. What an attempt to purge your image, Jen! Jen states that she has a team of three lawyers who are very expensive so she is going to reduce, just like her husband, Sharrieff, suggested. Jen’s mother shows her support for her daughter, and Jen cries crying how she should be the one who took care of everyone. Jen claims she felt the pressure from her culture to help her family, and now she’s sad that she can no longer support them. After finding out that Jens’ mother was paid her pension and a little more, her mother explains crying: “How can I enjoy life if things do not go right for you?” Tear puller.

It’s the day before Wild rose relaunch and Whitney stress. Besties Mary and Meredith travel together, while Lisa explains to her husband that Meredith’s “energy has changed.” As the event kicks off, we are told that Jennie is returning Mary’s boots. Jennie realizes that Mary’s “gift” is not genuine, and therefore she gives them back. Props for her not to be fake …

Mary is busy complaining about where her coat might get off, and when Jen and Sharrieff come in, Meredith gets annoyed. She reminds us that she’s said over and over again not to invite her to events that Jen has to attend, but it’s an almost impossible feat when you’re on a franchise where you get PAID to be around people, what? Whitney arrives late because she tore her dress to pieces and had to sew into it. Did you also catch that Duy said her as a “love doctor ?!”

Jennie wastes no time and pulls the ladies aside to speak quietly in the back (because this is an appropriate time to confront Mary). Now is not the time or place, but Jennie addresses Mary’s comment about liking her beautiful, slanted eyes. Jennie says she felt offended by it, and to that Mary says, “Really? I like slanted eyes.” Jennie demands that Mary take some responsibility for her inappropriate statement, and Meredith remains neutral by saying she did not see it as insulting. Mary apologizes, but Jennie still gives the gifted boots back. Jennie states that she knew the shoes were meant for Jen (courtesy of Lisa), and Jen has ZERO trouble taking the boots that were “meant” for her (probably so she can pay her 3 lawyers … ).

Although she hosts a party, Whitney stays a few minutes longer to remind the women that they should all be cute, after all, she likes her “friends, just like I like my skin care: non-toxic and cruelty-free.” Lisa jumps on this and reminds Mary that she made the comment: “I’m not like Jen, like a Mexican bully.” Whitney just wants everyone to stop saying cruel things about each other, and Meredith uses this as an opportunity to remind them all that Jen needs support and friendship. Unfortunately, Meredith has too much pain in being a real friend to Jen at this point, but that does not stop Meredith from wanting all the women to be treated with respect.

Mary denies that she has ever said that about Jen and gets frustrated when she is called a liar so she removes herself from the situation and of course Meredith follows her as she runs away. Meredith is over the fact that everyone wants to fight and quarrel, which is why she plans to leave the event with Mary.

Lisa tries to talk to Meredith before she hightails it out from there, but gets shut down, and when Lisa corners Mary, Mary reminds Lisa she “doesn’t have to do anything,” especially talk to her. Lisa continues to follow Mary as Mary essentially runs away from her. Mary tells Lisa that she sometimes comes across as two-faced, but Lisa reminds Mary that she said that about Jen. In her confession, Mary seems to believe that she MAY have said that because Jens’ arrest reminded her of a cartel arrest, so maybe therefore, she called Jen a Mexican thug. Wonder if Mary is aware that she is being filmed for TV ??

While Whitney tries to give an emotional talk about how everyone in the room is so important to her, Mary and Lisa are busy trying to smooth out their rocky relationship. Lisa claims Mary is defensive because she knows she’s wrong and Mary turns the conversation around so she can be the victim. She does not appreciate Lisa questioning her church and saying one thing to her face and another to the rest of the group. Mary states, “I believed in our friendship more than that.”


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