Meghan King reveals 2022 goals after sharing from Cuffe Owens

Meghan King reveals his

On Monday, Meghan King Edmonds confirmed her breakup with Cuffe Owens, whom she married just a few months ago. Cuffe, who is the nephew of President Joe Biden, met Real housewives in Orange County star on a dating app.

Several rumors about the cause of their split circulated online. One report said Cuffe was tired of Meghan’s obsession with social media and the public nature of her life.

Meghan recently took to Instagram to share her “2022 resolution”. She revealed that she will “mother the sh-outta this year.” The star then expressed, “Over it. Continue what’s it.”

In another post on Instagram, Meghan thanked her followers for their encouragement. “Thank you all for your messages,” she said. “Thank you for having room for me. Thank you for lifting me up. You are all good people and I appreciate you. ❤️”

When she announced the breakup earlier in the week, Meghan said she was in a difficult place: “I’m rattling. This situation is deeply devastating. It’s obviously not what I imagined when I made my vows – and I’m shocked and sorry the way things ended. “

She and Cuffe got married pretty quickly after announcing their relationship on social media. After the wedding, Meghan told Brides that their families were now bound. “Our wedding was about two things for us,” she said. “Our love for and commitment to each other and our family – each of our families and the new very large and very close family that we connected by getting married. That’s it.”

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