PewDiePie suggests that Chris Hemsworth, Kumail Nanjiani use steroids

While several MCU actors are quite ‘swollen’, YouTube gaming streamer PewDiePie claims they are lying to people about how they got their bodies.

PewDiePie accuses Chris Hemsworth, Kumail Nanjiani of using steroids

Stars like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and most recently Kumail Nanjiani have received rave reviews for their muscular frame. However, Youtube game streamer PewDiePie recently made some comments that could create controversy if it was just because he claims they did not get their cut in the natural way.

Chris Hemsworth in particular gets a lot of attention because of his rather “swollen” build. He has posted quite a few videos over the years showing how he got the body that so many of his fans see in his movies. Recently, though, Nanjiani has attracted a lot of attention, simply because the comic actor used to not be known for having the kind of bodybuilder look he can boast of now. Now his fans can count PewDiePie among those who believe the comedian is some shortcut to becoming as muscular as he is now.


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In one of his latest YouTube videos, the streamer was very direct in his claims that Hemsworth and others are using steroids. Further, he blew up the MCU star to trade training regimes that can be very expensive for his fans to follow, while Hemsworth actually does not even stick to these training programs.

PewDiePie called it “lame” that Hemsworth and others claim they have obtained their building in one way, as he believes they got them in another way. He added that “we” know the reason why they were able to get their bodies to the “next level”, while also saying that it was not just “putting the work”.

He then proceeded to aim specifically at Kumail Nanjiani, noting that Eternal the actor seemed to be getting really big, really fast. He added that anyone who adds the kind of muscle mass Nanjiani did in just one year was a “dead giveaway.” He said everyone knows it takes time and is a slow process to get that kind of muscle definition. At the same time, PewDiePie admitted that he was not quite sure who he should be mad at, given that the actors just gave people “what they wanted.”

It’s possible that one of the reasons the YouTube streamer is so annoyed at the actors he thinks is taking shortcuts is that he seems to be working pretty hard on his own body. He has claimed that this is the reason why he has been able to transform his body, to keep out of alcohol and protein as well as to exercise regularly.

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