Sister Wives’ Christine, Janelle Brown shouts’ Aggressive ‘Kody Brown

Sister-in-law Christine Janelle Brown calls aggressive Kody

Christine, Janelle and Kody Brown Courtesy Christine Brown / Instagram; Puddle Monkey Prods / Kobal / Shutterstock (2)

Not here for the attitude. Both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown apparently hit their breaking points with Brown codes during Sunday, January 2, section of Sister Wives.

While Robyn Brown and Meri Brown decided to stay with Kody, 52, for the Thanksgiving holiday and follow his safety guidelines, Janelle, 52, and Christine, 49, each made separate plans with their children.

However, Kody was not happy that his wives and children went against his COVID-19 rules.

“I sacrifice all those victims and I ask everyone else to simply meet that level of sacrifice so the family can exist,” he said, noting that he is “smart” in preventing the family from any possible COVID-19 exposure. Janelle, in turn, said he was “aggressive” toward her, and Kody later suggested that their adult sons, Garrison, 23, and Gabriel, 20, could potentially move out so he could continue to get over.

Christine also said she would not stay with Kody during the holidays, and instead would go to Utah to be with her daughter Aspyn, 26.

“They all say they want to get back together, but Christine has made it clear to me now that she would rather be with Aspyn and Mitch than me,” he said in a confession. “And Janelle shows with her actions that she would rather have it [her sons] about than me. “

When he later sat down with all four wives to discuss the vacation plans, his tone came “condescendingly” according to Janelle.

“I’m not telling you how to live your life anymore. You are independent women. I would ask you to seriously consider a much bigger picture – the picture I have to see, he said to the women.” No guilt, just a little dot in your consciousness and you decide what to do. I do not want to tell this family how to do it. I want to lead the way that I think is the right way. ”

Afterwards, Christine Kody let it be known that she “100 percent [has] a good conscience, ”and later wondered under a confessional whether he was trying to wipe out the group. “I’m pretty sure it’s a guilt,” she said. “If he wants me to make a choice between him and my kids, my kids will win every single time.”

She also sympathized with Janelle and noted that Kody was “irresponsible” in choosing to be only around certain children. Christine explained, “If he is the father of all these children, no matter what. Everyone has to make their own choices – so does he.”

After Kody’s comments to the group, Janelle went out, mumbled, “fk off” and later told that she felt frustrated in general.

“I am between rock and hard here. I have to make sure my kids are safe, my kids are mentally, I give them the best chance. And then I have to choose these rules that the family has [for COVID-19], which are not very different from my rules. I’m stuck, ”she said. “I’m stuck here and I do not want to spend Thanksgiving alone. My family is all in quarantine, I’m not dangerous here.”

In November, Christine and Kody announced their split after 25 years of marriage.

Sister Wives broadcast on TLC on Sundays at 22:00 ET.

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