The snow is hitting Scotland today as ‘arctic air’ and weather forecast for heavy rain in severe weather

Snow and ‘arctic air’ are set to blow up Scotland this week after choppy weather follows mild conditions over the New Year.

That With Office has issued three yellow weather forecasts for snow, ice and wind, beginning as early as Monday afternoon.

The snow has already hit Scotland and the Met Office confirms that showers are falling over parts of the Highlands and Aberdeenshire on Monday morning.

The first weather forecast for ice starts from 3pm on Monday, as cold air spreading from the south brings winter showers and icy stretches.

Forecast people expect some snow showers with the white things accumulating overnight are likely to be dangerous in the northern parts of the country.

The next weather forecast brings a mix of snow and ice from 12 noon on Tuesday, according to With Office.

A yellow warning for wind also falls into place from kl. 10 on Tuesday, with gusts up to 80 mph possible in Orkey and Caithness at lunchtime.

Frost winds are set to bring gusts of 60-70 mph to coastal parts of the north.

Vehicles run along the M74 between Abiington and Beattock Summit
A yellow weather forecast has been issued for snow and wind.

According to BBC Weather, a streak of rain, sleet and snow will start our day with the showers moving south as Monday progresses, leaving drier conditions from 6 p.m.

Met Office forecasters predict that temperatures will feel cool today with temperatures of just 3C in some areas of Scotland when a band of cold Arctic air flows through the country.

The UK National Weather Service tweeted that “a change is underway as a band of clouds and rain edges south, introducing cold Arctic air. Showers are increasingly falling as snow over the hills and mountains of the north during the day.”

Longer periods of rain will move in from the north when lunchtime arrives, turning into winter showers on the highest ground, BBC Weather reports. The northern islands are expected to be particularly affected.

With Office has also forecast winter showers all Tuesday.

Frequent snow showers and ‘strong gusts’ are expected on Tuesday, which will lead to travel disruptions, especially for higher routes.

With Office forecast Twitter
Bands of snow and sleet fell over parts of Scotland this morning.

Snow is likely to fall over most of the country, rather than just on the hills and higher terrain.

That winter showers will be accompanied by gusts reaching 50 to 60 mph across the country.

Wind speeds of up to 70 mph are likely at exposed summits, creating blizzard conditions on higher terrain, according to With Office.

Frequent snow showers and gusts to strong gusts are expected on Tuesday, which will lead to travel disruptions, especially for higher routes.

Below 100m, conditions will be sluggish with more marked accumulations of up to 10-15cm in areas 200m above sea level.

What to expect

  • Difficult driving conditions at times on higher routes are likely.
  • Some bus, ferry and possibly train connections are affected, with travel either canceled or taking longer.
  • Possibility of delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges.
  • It is likely that some coastal routes, seafronts and coastal communities will be affected by splashes and / or large waves.

Ice warning between 3 January at 15.00 and 23.59


The Highlands and the Western Islands

Warning of snow and ice between 4 January at 12:00 and 5 January at 9.00

Central, Tayside & Fife


  • Aberdeen
  • Aberdeenshire
  • Moray

The Highlands and the Western Islands

Wind warning between 4 January at 10.00 and 23.59


  • Aberdeen
  • Aberdeenshire
  • Moray

The Highlands and the Western Islands

  • western islands
  • Highlands

Orkney and Shetland

  • The Orkney Islands
  • Shetland Islands

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