War of Deities: Darkness Rises preview of first impressions – “Legendary heroes you want to collect”

East and West collide in War of Deities: Darkness Rises, an upcoming RPG I had the pleasure of playing during its limited beta testing in the Philippines. The test only lasted for four days, but I got a sense of what’s cool (and what’s not) about the game during the development phase – and yes, it has potential.

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The narrative here focuses on a mix of legendary characters from across the globe, and although I did not get far enough into the story to get to the heart of the story, it piqued my interest just enough. You are immediately introduced to Jeanne d’Arc, a hero you can immediately add to your list after she chases a ravenous dragon in the opening film.

The story begins in the holy city of Aden, where La Hire meets the famous guardian after being summoned by Merlin. They team up to drive the Darkness away for the moment, and at Joan’s instruction, you head out to the pub to recruit more heroes to join your cause.


This is, of course, where the gacha element comes in, as you can subtract either fragments of an entire or entire character from the summoning pool. I felt that War of Deities: Darkness Rises was quite generous with the in-game currency needed to summon heroes – a pro who will hopefully transfer to the official version.

While the gameplay here is typical of its genre – with auto battles, the formation-based strategies, and the usual character classes – what makes this title more interesting to me is its diverse list of heroes to collect. You can have everyone from Morgan le Fey to onmyoji Abe no Seimei at your party, and the character designers look amazing (so do the animations).

Skills are unfortunately a bit too generic in my opinion and you will mostly create a team comp with your basic tanks or melee players in front plus your healers and magicians in the back row. It was also challenging to upgrade grades, mainly because groundbreaking materials are pretty sparse. You may just find yourself stuck at a certain point during the main campaign because the enemies are too strong for you.

Fortunately, you can challenge the Elite Campaign for Agricultural Materials to help you make progress. There is also a bit of a random element here as you will be tapping crystals to reveal either enemies or vacancies in search of a key to a scene’s treasure chest. However, the materials earned here still feel inadequate to upgrade your heroes properly – at least so far.


Four days is honestly not enough time to give the title a full verdict yet as I have only scratched the surface of the game’s content. Still, based on what I’ve seen so far, I think War of Deities: Darkness Rises has potential, mainly because I found the characters so interesting. I’ve always been guilty of falling for the visual elements of a game first and foremost, and at the risk of judging the book by its cover, I think Jade Interactive’s new entry into the genre is worth a try.

By the way, you can also browse the gallery to get a look at all the available characters in the game, plus score some in-game currency when acquiring specific characters. It was fun to read through the heroes’ background stories and learn a little about different mythologies – plus, the characters and animation previews are simply eye-candy.

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