Watch: A fascinating video about the film that changed South Korea

Watch: A fascinating video about the film that changed South Korea

by Alex Billington
January 3, 2022
Source: Youtube

Video essay about the film that changed South Korea

“And that’s how evil works – when good people do nothing.” In fact, an important reminder for all of us. let’s get started 2022 with something a little different – a fascinating video essay analyzing a film that changed South Korea forever. It’s always a good reminder that international cinema is as important as ever, and good movies able to actually make a difference in the real world. This essay discusses a 2011 film with the title Dumbfounded, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk and originally released in 2011 in South Korea. Based on real-life events, this film tells the story of a school for the hearing impaired, where young deaf students were sexually abused by faculty members over an extended period of time. The video is off “Cinema with accent“, a Canadian YouTube video essay series focusing on foreign cinema. I highly recommend watching this just to hear a different perspective on cinema and learn so much more about a movie you probably have not seen yet. Watch this below .

The movie that changed South Korea - Silenced

Thanks to Filmskolen Rejects for the tip about this. Introduction from YouTube: “Dumbfounded (2011) is a film based on true events that happened at a school. It’s one of the hardest movies I’ve ever seen, but also one of the most important. It is a shame that it is virtually unknown in the West. Hopefully after this video, we can all appreciate this film for what it has done for our world. “Yes, hopefully more people will discover this film, and it may also have an impact outside of Korea. This video essay is part of Cinema with accent YouTube series, launches new video essays every two weeks. You can also follow the series on Patreon or follow on Twitter @AccentedCinema. The ending of this video is quite powerful: “it’s so easy to become part of a system that enables addicts – all we need is to do nothing.” I just hope other movies can be as effective and not be seen as anything other than entertainment – it often happens today. See more of Accented Cinema’s videos here.

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