‘We want to be about revenue and getting the ball back.’ – Mercury News

Before we talk about the fun, let’s get one thing out of the way.

Mike Glennon was the opponent’s quarterback on Sunday at Soldier Field.

Mike Glennon, who has thrown 20 interceptions and 18 touchdown passes over the last six seasons with six teams. Mike Glennon, who the Chicago Bears paid $ 18.5 million to play four games in 2017 before putting him on Mitch Trubisky after a four-turnover game. Mike Glennon, who ranks as one of the spots on Bears’ front office resume.

So the difficulty level for the Bears defense was not at a peak in 29-3 victory over 4-12 New York Giants, a match without playoff implications for both teams.

But that did not mean it was not fun for the Bears (6-10) as outside linebacker Trevis Gipson toughened down on Glennon untouched in the game’s first game for a strip-sack, as defensive lineman Bilal Nichols got himself. Or when Gipson knocked the ball out of Glennon’s hand again in the third quarter, Khyiris Tonga recovered and Gipson broke into his Thor-themed celebration.

The Bears gave outside linebacker Robert Quinn his right to record a third strip-sack by Glennon to destroy a 37-year-old franchise record for sacks in a season previously held by Richard Dent.

And the defense ran to the end zone to celebrate safety Tashaun Gipson’s interception on a tipped pass from cornerback Artie Burns and found joy as Angelo Blackson made a tackle in the end zone for a safety and Deon Bush came up with yet another interception.

In all, the Bears had four takeaways and four sacks against Glennon, filling in for starter Daniel Jones, who is out with a neck injury. For a pointless game in windy 24-degree weather, this was quite entertaining – for Bears fans and players.

“It felt good, man,” Trevis Gipson said. “It simply came to our notice then. We want to be about turnovers and getting the ball back to our offensive as quickly as possible. So just going out there, flying around after we’ve got a turnover, pointing out which way they should run and where the camera is, people slip in – it’s just fun. It’s a great game. ”

With rookie quarterback Justin Fields out with an ankle injury and Bears fans bidding time in recent weeks until the ownership announces its offseason direction with the coaching staff and front office, Quinns’ quest was to beat Dent’s record of 17½ in 1984 the most remarkable story. Sunday.

But both Gipsons made their own big plays to set a good tone for the afternoon.

Nichols regained Glennon’s first fumble and returned it 12 yards to the 2-yard line. A game later – and 18 seconds into the match – David Montgomery scored on a 2-yard run to a 7-0 lead.

The initial strip-sack of Trevis Gipson was remarkable in that he is a second-year player in development. Selected in the fifth round of Tulsa in 2020, Gipson has 6½ sacks this season, including 3½ in the last four games.

“It surprised me in a way that they went empty (backfield) the first game of the game,” Gipson said. “We have Rob Quinn rushing to the other side, so it surprised me. ‘My eyes widened at the opportunity and I had to take advantage of it.’

The Bears also scored after Tashaun Gipson’s interception, which he pulled in with one hand and returned 31 yards to the 24. Seven games later, Andy Dalton, who filled for Fields, hit Darnell Mooney with a 4-yard touchdown pass on the fourth and -2 to a 14-0 lead.

Dalton threw 173 yards and one touchdown, and Montgomery rushed 64 yards and two touchdowns.

Later in the first half, the Giants let a kickoff land on the 2-yard line before Pharoh Cooper picked it up and returned it to 5. Devontae Booker was stopped for a 3-yard loss to open the drive and Derrick Kelly was called on a false start to push the Giants to 1. Blackson then took Booker down the end zone for a safety and a 19-3 lead.

The Bears led 22-3 at the break after a goal from Cairo Santos and crossed as the Giants focused primarily on their running game. Glennon completed just 4 of 11 passes in 24 yards with the two interceptions and four sacks. The Giants had minus-10 net passing yards.

The significant lead allowed Bears coach Matt Nagy to call a timeout after Quinn broke the sack record in the fourth quarter so he could enjoy the moment that the Bears celebrated with a videoboard message.

“I appreciated (the victory) that the players could get this because they deserve it,” Nagy said. “It’s nice to have someone where you’re able to be in control from first game to last game. And so where we’ve been through this year is the only thing I’m very impressed with and appreciate from players and coaches, the effort and the care. ”

The Bears have a week left – a week 18 game next Sunday in Minneapolis against the Minnesota Vikings – before significant changes could potentially hit Halas Hall management. If this change involves Nagy, Sunday’s game could have been his last at Soldier Field as Bears coach.

But Nagy seemed to enjoy the victory instead of thinking about his possible final.

For the Bears, it has borne fruit with two victories in a row to stay in the moment – and focus on their job and not the circumstances.

“I’m so stuck in today’s fight and the feeling that … I have not thought about it,” Nagy said. “Maybe I’ll go down the road if (change) should happen. If not, then I’ll just do exactly what I’ve been doing all year, preparing myself for Minnesota.”

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