Boy, 9, almost blinded after suffering infrequently ‘Covid eye’

Zac Morey, nine, at Bristol Royal Hospital, after his eye swelled with an infection after capturing Covid-19

Zac Morey’s left eye closed completely after capturing Covid-19 (Photo: Angela Morey / SWNS)

A nine-year-old boy spent Christmas in the hospital and was almost partially blinded by a rare side effect associated with coronavirus.

5th grader Zac Morey lost sight in his left eye less than a week after testing positive for Covid-19.

His eye closed completely during the frightening ordeal after he was diagnosed with orbital cellulitis – a skin infection that some researchers have linked to the virus.

Zac was placed on an IV drip at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children after his eye was severely raised.

He has since recovered completely, but his family has issued a warning about the unusual symptom.

Mother Angela, 37, said: ‘His eye looked like it was going to explode. There was no way he could open it without pulling at the skin. It was beyond anything I had ever seen. ‘

Zac’s eye problem started after he tested positive for Covid along with his mother and four siblings on December 16th.

“His eye looked like it was going to explode. There was no way he could open it without pulling on the skin ‘(Photo: Angela Morey / SWNS)

Zac had to spend Christmas day in the hospital because of his ‘Covid eye’, but at least he got lots of presents (Photo: Angela Morey / SWNS)

The student from Bristol suffered from cold-like symptoms and spent his self-isolation period playing computer games at home.

But on December 22 – when he twice tested negative for Covid and his mild symptoms had disappeared – he got pain in his left eye.

Angela, a city council member and mother of five, said: ‘I thought it’s just been on the computer for seven days, so I did not think about it.

“But on Christmas Eve it was not good at all. We took him to the hospital and he was put on an antibiotic until the second day of Christmas.

‘They said that if it goes too far into the eye, it can cause blindness. Doctors said it was an allergic reaction to the virus that affects children. ‘

It was only after two negative tests and his mild symptoms disappeared that Zac’s eye began to swell (Image: Angela Morey / SWNS)

Zac was placed on an IV drip at Bristol Royal Hospital for children between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (Photo: Angela Morey / SWNS)

Zac has since recovered completely, but his mother Angela (pictured) has issued a warning about the rare symptom (Photo: Angela Morey / SWNS)

Zac was discharged from the hospital the second day of Christmas after undergoing an eye test that confirmed that his vision had fully recovered.

The World Health Organization lists red and irritated eyes as an uncommon side effect of Covid-19, while various studies have linked orbital cellulitis and coronavirus.

A study earlier this year on eye-related Covid symptoms found: ‘Patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 may present with acute conjunctivitis symptoms, including eye redness, eye irritation, eye tenderness, sensation of foreign bodies, tearing, mucus discharge, swelling of eyelids, and chemosis. ‘

On its website, Specsavers advises: ‘Coronavirus can cause conjunctivitis, but it is quite rare – occurs in about 1-3 percent of affected people and is on the list of less frequent symptoms of the World Health Organization.

“Conjunctivitis associated with Covid-19 tends to occur in the later stages of the disease along with more common symptoms such as persistent cough and fever.”

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