Current products do not work for you? 6 juices that give you clear skin and healthy hair

If you have used all kinds of skin care and hair care products and still have not managed to achieve the clear skin you want, then it is time to replace your current products with these juices. You need to eat and drink healthy to get good skin and hair. Here are a few juices that will naturally give you glowing skin and healthy hair.

Kapiva Aloe Vera + Garcinia Juice

Aloe vera is rich in water content and improves the hydration level and keeps the skin supple and glowing. The alkaline pH of aloe vera initiates the detoxification process, removes toxins and thereby puts a check on pimples, acne and other skin rashes. Garcinia does not allow the release of collagen, the protein that helps ward off wrinkles and aging of the skin. The enzymes in aloe support cell regeneration and help grow new hair.


Price: DKK 475

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Kapiva Wild Amla Juice

Enriched with potent antioxidant properties and vitamin C, the wild amlajuice not only strengthens the hair follicles for effective hair growth, but also strikes aging cells and cleanses the skin naturally.


Price: 220 kr

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Kapiva Thar Aloe Vera Juice

Daily intake of our pure aloe vera juice has a radiant effect on the skin. It helps to give a natural and healthy glow to the skin and keeps the skin allergies at bay.


Price: 284 kr

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Kapiva hair care juice

Formulated with nourishing Ayurvedic herbs, namely amla, noni, bhringraj and ashwagandha, this is the best juice for hair. It provides complete nourishment to your hair. The different properties of the herbs ensure that the root causes of your hair problems are taken care of and your hair gets healthier every day! Bhringraj helps stimulate your hair growth and ashwagandha can help control hair loss. Amla is known to prevent premature graying and thinning of hair, while noni nourishes your scalp and strengthens the hair follicles.


Price: 525 Rs

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Kapiva Aloe Vera + Amla Juice

Our aloe vera and amla juice are a rich source of calcium, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C that help meet your nutritional goals. Its anti-aging properties give your skin and hair a healthy look.


Price: 450 kr

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Kapiva Rajasthani Neem Juice

Daily consumption of this pure neem juice has a radiant effect on the skin. It helps reduce skin ulcers and reduces blemishes on the skin. This natural neem juice for the skin has regenerating properties, which help treat dry skin and show signs of delayed aging. Since Neem is a natural moisturizer, this juice is said to lighten skin blemishes. It is also good for conditioning hair as natural ingredients in it reduce hair loss and improve scalp health. Baldness is also said to be treated with consumption of neem juice. Neem has medicinal properties, making it a worthy drink to tackle dandruff-related problems.


Price: 300 kr

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