Fox News host tells viewers to “go to work” and “live with” COVID while avoiding his own colleagues

One of the most important things from the COVID-19 pandemic, which is now entering its third year, is that in health matters one should take advice from actual doctors and not e.g. Fox News hosts. Not because the talking heads of the right-wing network did not attend medical school followed by years of rotations and various scholarships – though you may be surprised to learn Tucker Carlson did not do it! – but because the said hosts are in the process of lying to their viewers, who they think are very stupid. For example, for the past nearly 22 months, Fox stars have been telling people that masks and vaccines are the devil’s plot, while following strict, company-mandated COVID protocols. And now that new cases in the United States have hit a million one day, they demand that people return to the office and schools and become one with a highly contagious disease while they – surprise! – are much more careful when it comes to their own health.

Yes, Tuesday morning, Fox & FriendsBrian Kilmeade talked about the news that teachers have the audacity to want to work remotely in the midst of the current wave, and told everyone who was afraid of getting COVID and dying to get over it. “It’s called living with it,” Kilmeade said. “Go to work. Live with it. Get on a train, get on a bus, get on a plane. How do we live with it? We can no longer hide from it.” Not mentioned in his rant was the fact that Fox & Friends famous broadcasts with his three hosts sitting side by side on a couch, but on Tuesday Kilmeade shone into people’s homes very alone, a point that for some reason did not reach into his “go to work … live with it “mandate.

Kilmeade is obviously not the only Fox employee telling viewers to grow a couple and expose themselves to the virus while personally taking sensible precautions being implemented in offices across the country. Monday, hosts and guests were off The five appeared in five separate boxes while condemning distance learning. Referring to the teachers’ “demands” not to be thrown into a COVID petri dish, as if they were asking for something crazy, as if their lives were to matter, host Jesse Watters snorted: “Liberal teachers’ unions know it again, staring at a return to distance learning during the omicron rise. Members of the Chicago Teachers Union are threatening to strike if their demands are not met, and other groups across the country are testing the waters for their own departures. from the classroom. But once again, science is not on their side. “

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As for the risk of having children go to school in person during the omicron rise, Watters had nothing to say about the fact that children are admitted with COVID in “record” numbers. Or what Dr. Mark Kline told NBC News, “people have been trying to downplay the significance of the disease in children. We have spent two years dispelling myths about COVID and children that it is ‘harmless’ to children. It is not.”

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