Kandi Burruss shares 2021 year-end closing video

Kandi Burruss shared a 2021 Year End Review video on his YouTube account. Check it out here.

‘I’m late posting this, but check it out! I shared a few things you may not know. It’s up now on my Youtube page KandiOnline, ‘wrote Kandi.

Someone said, ‘Glad it wasn’t that bad and you got through it! Happy New Year!’ and a follower said, ‘So happy for you, honey, you made it.’

A follower posted this: ‘Glad it’s your testimony I’ve been in the hospital since Christmas Eve. It’s been awful. To trust in GOD. ‘

Another said: ‘So you had covid twice @kandi? Starting last year, then in mid-December? ‘

One fan said, ‘Why have you celebrities not acknowledged that the mayor’s bottoms are sending off, I only see celebrity support when popular, just a question I was thinking about.’

Another said, ‘Thank you for sharing these highlights with us all, Kandi !! Wishing you and your sweet family a very happy and blessed New Year !! ‘ and a commentator wrote this: ‘Yes, I saw envy and follow joneses, and I loved them both !! I see them both several times !! and I have them recorded so I can watch them whenever I want !! ‘

One fan said, ‘If there’s anyone out there like celebrity, I can really say I admire it’s her. I’m a whole 41-year-old woman, and not many celebrities are looking at my interest, but this woman does. ‘

She has her hand in everything and is a hard worker. She is so humble and genuine. I take my hair off, I mean the hat off to her. ‘

Kandi Burruss made fans’ day with a video that she shared on her social media account. Check it out here.

‘5 of my #FavoriteFive wheels in 2021, starting with two of my favorite ladies @kandi, are always down for me and @lorensharice’s quarrels! and I love it lol. ‘

Someone said, ‘I love you guys, and I feel like I’m a low-key member of the family …’ and one commenter said, ‘@kandi is your bracelet, an Apple Watch made by Momma Joyce.’

One commenter wrote this: “Hey Kandi beautiful woman who loves your mood bless” and one commenter posted this: “Unknown! It’s still one of my favorite movies. ‘


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