Zach Braff says he is “so lucky to know” Florence Pugh in 26th birthday tribute

Zach Braff wrote a loving tribute on social media to his girlfriend of three years, Florence Pugh, to celebrate her 26th birthday.

That Scrubs star posted a photo of Pugh resting his head on the edge of a pool for his Instagram stories on Monday. He tagged the actress and wrote over the picture: “Happy birthday to this beautiful human being. I’m so lucky to know you. And the world is so lucky that they can witness your incredible talent.” He also posted another picture of his girlfriend sitting in a chair in front of a window with his dog Billie next to him. Pugh reproduced the tribute stone on his own Instagram stories and added a red heart emoji on top.

The couple have been lovers since 2019, after they first met while working together on the short film In the time it takes to get there. However, they have largely kept their romance private, as Pugh has often had to defend their 20-year age difference, even to his own fans. In June 2020, after shouting rude comments directed at her on social media, Black widow star told She UK, “I have the right to hang out and be with and go out with whoever I want. I’ve always found this part of what people do really bizarre. I’m an actor because I like acting and I have not. I don’t mind people seeing my stuff, but people have no right to inform me about my privacy. “

Pugh also celebrated getting another year older on Instagram on Monday, posting a series of photos of himself with a fresh pixie cut, baby blue turtleneck, plaid skirt and thick white platform sneakers. In the long caption, she wrote: “My big sister told me last night, ‘it’s just getting better and better’, I remember it didn’t really mean that much when I was younger. But it’s magical how you for each years, you grow, actually start to slow down again, slow down again, soften, understand your brain, understand your worries, understand why you are who you are and just slowly start to be okay with it.26 years with an incredible amount of incredible special people who have taught me, loved me, educated me. Some are still here, others not. ” She continued: “I’m always so surprised to have friends and family traveling on this random day of the year, I’m always so grateful to have fans sending messages and videos and voicemails and birthday letters. I really appreciate all of you and can not believe how lucky I am to have you to follow and participate in this journey. See you when I’ve probably gotten too many martinis at InstaStories later. ! “

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