10 Wrestlers WWE gave up quickly (and why it was the right move)

Wrestling fans often shout WWE not to be patient with their wrestlers. There are plenty of times when Vince McMahon has given up talent far too quickly. Such as Keith Lee and Karrion Kross are recent examples of good talents who have not had the opportunity to really prove themselves.

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However, there are also times when it is the right decision to just pull the plug on a push. Whether it’s because a wrestler is doing something poor in their personal lives, or the gimmick is not getting over, there are moments when it is necessary and Vince has no problem doing it.

10 Lord Tensai

Lord Tensai

When WWE decided to bring Matt Bloom back, they did it with him as the main event talent. It’s a role he was never in during his original run, but this time with another gimmick, the company supported him to be a monster heel working with John Cena.

It quickly became clear that it was not working. Fans saw right through the middle of the pitch, and managed to keep the visitors from going up another goal. While Tensai was a solid hand to have on the roster, no one wanted to see it as the main event and therefore it was the right decision to stop this pressure quickly.

9 Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan WWE

Lars Sullivan is another great guy that Vince McMahon wanted in the role of monster main event. He appeared, destroyed a few legends and then disappeared. However, this was the right decision as questions from his personal life had started popping up online.

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Fans were not happy to see him on TV and they did not want him nearby and they decided to give up on him quickly. It was a decision that the WWE Universe had no trouble accepting and ultimately led to the end of Sullivan’s career in wrestling.


8 Muhammad Hassan

Muhammad Hassan made a big impact in a short time.

Muhammad Hassan is another wrestler that WWE suddenly pulled the plug on. This had nothing to do with his individual performance as he was engaged in the gimmick he was given and Hassan was a talented professional wrestler.

But due to real situations, the character was not suitable for television. This was quickly noticed by creatives, and they not only stopped the pressure, but ended Hassan’s career. Even though it was a step too far, taking him out of the television was the right call here.

7 Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones at WrestleMania

When someone is brought in and they have a great look like Nathan Jones, there is always a chance that they will be pressured hard. That was the case for him, to the point where he almost ended up teaming up with The Undertaker on WrestleMania.

WWE, however, saw that he was not ready and made him simply run in at night instead. Then there was not much of a push left for him. He was drawn down the map and that was the right call considering his abilities in the ring at the time.

6 Apollo crews

Apollo crews

Apollo Crews had only just begun to make an impression in the NXT before he was promoted to the main list. While talented inside the ring, he had no charisma and had not created a clear gimmick. Unfortunately for him, it did not take long before the fans and the WWE management found out.

This is why his first push was rightly slowed down. This, however, left him stuck in no man’s land for several years until the pandemic, where he began to find his feet. While much of this problem was caused by WWE itself, the company was still right to stop the pressure.

5 Retribution


This is a group of wrestlers, rather than just a specific talent. However, it was the right call for WWE to pull the plug on their push as it simply did not work. Perhaps because there was no live audience at the time, this group’s fear factor simply did not exist.

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While many of the problems were ultimately due to WWE itself and the poor genius they exhibited. The fans had completely abandoned them, so it was the right call to cancel the pressure as quickly as it began.

4 Humberto Carrillo


Sometimes, no matter how gifted an in-ring performer is, things just don’t work out. That was the case for Humberto Carrillo, who was pushed hard as a single competitor out of the gate. The problem, however, was that he did not really connect with the fans.

Other than good wrestling and a lot of smiles, he had nothing specific to offer. Therefore, the company was right in abandoning him quickly because there was not enough to keep the audience invested.

3 Faceless

Sin Cara Ring Entrance

The original Sin Cara was a gifted professional wrestler, and WWE invested heavily in him in the beginning. However, it soon became clear that he was struggling to adapt to WWE’s style, and a lot of mistakes began to creep into his work.

It got to the point where fans expected mistakes, which is not something that should happen at the highest level. Because of that, it was ultimately the right idea to make the decisions they made with another wrestler stepping in to take on this role.

2 Eva Marie

Eva Marie poses

The first time, Eva Marie got too many chances due to her inability inside the ring. Therefore, fans were shocked when she returned to WWE in the first place. But this time, her push did not get time at all.

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She got a push with Doudrop, but after her story with Alexa Bliss flopped, the cop quickly abandoned her. Not only did they stop pushing her, but WWE actually released her right away, which was no surprise to anyone.

1 Mabel

King Mabel

Mabel is another great wrestler that WWE pushed, simply down to his size. The one who won the King of the Ring shot him to the top of the map, but only for a short period of time when Vince McMahon quickly ended up slowing down when it came to his run as the main event star.

Mabel continued to work with the WWE for a long time, but he was not put back in that position again as a wrestler. It was a brief period at the top where WWE saw that he was not at the level to continue in that spot.

5 big wrestlers Vince McMahon gave up in 2021 (and 5 who are the next ones)
5 big wrestlers Vince McMahon gave up in 2021 (and 5 who are the next ones)

Vince McMahon gave up on talented wrestlers in 2021, and he may do the same with some WWE artists in the near future.

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