Darkseid looked incredibly strange before his Omega transformation

It turns out that Darkseid was not always the stone-faced dictator that fans have known. Before his transformation, he looked shockingly different.

It turns out that Darkseid was not always Apokolips’ gray, stone-faced dictator, as fans have known. Before his Omega transformation, he looked shockingly different from his recognizable form.

The New Gods has always been a somewhat mysterious corner of DC Comics. Since Apokolips and New Genesis are the most mythological components of the universe, they raise questions about the immortality and powers of characters. Although it has been specified that they are not actual gods associated with the DC Universe, some of them do not appear to be related. For example, most readers are likely to assume that Darkseid did not have a clear origin. However, his original appearance was revealed in Jack Kirby’s Fourth World # 2 by author and artist, John Byrne.


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Long before he was Apokolip’s formidable tyrant, Darkseid did not have the strength or scary looks that have characterized him. Without his Omega transformation, he looks like an ordinary human being wearing chain mail and armor. He vaguely resembles his future self and also resembles his older brother Drax. The shocking difference brings Darkseid down as it is clear that the Omega Force did most of the work of transforming him into the dreaded villain who eventually takes over the Justice League and conquers worlds to expand his influence.

In Darkseid’s many iterations since Byrne’s backstory, he has often remained similar in his appearance as Uxas. Such a transformation, however, adds to the intrigue surrounding the tyrant, as he himself chooses his new name. It is referenced by Drax that “Darkseid” comes from a “lore book”, apparently it suggests being part of a prophecy. As Uxas claims the Omega strength and assumes his new persona, he becomes practically a different character. One of the few creatures that can fight Superman in hand-to-hand combat, Uxas becomes Darkseid and gains the ability to shoot Omega rays from his eyes.

The brief glimpse into Darkseid’s past life reveals how his powers are not authentically representative of him as a villain. Instead, they come from his greed and war mania, which has long characterized him through comics. Still, some things never change while he’s planning with Drax and Desaad. Since they are still the submissive henchmen that readers know they are, Darkseid has not lost all its authority in retrospect. Like readers, Darkseid probably also seems that he looked strange as Uxas, as he previously lacked the power he identifies with.

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