Days of Our Lives Recap: JoDevil makes Stefano’s portrait a promise

Roman and Kate ring the New Year into the bar with Steve and Kayla. They toast to a better year for them all. Kayla adds, “And that Philip is found.” Speaking of which, Roman will hire Black Patch to find Kate’s son. Kate does not think it is necessary, but Steve reveals that Brady has already hired him to track down Kristen. He and Chloe believe Kristen has convicted Brady of Philips murder. Steve thinks, though, that Kristen just keeps Philip locked up somewhere. Kate is upset and asks to call it a night. Steve promises to bring Philip home to her if he’s alive.

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Roman and Kate sit at a table in a bar and laugh while Steve and Kayla kiss.  Borrowers at the tables behind them, raising their glasses.  Days in our lives

After Steve and Kayla are gone, Kate Roman tells the truth about Philip. Roman wonders how she’s okay with keeping this from everyone. Kate says Philip is her only concern. She’s sorry she didn ‘t tell him that before, but now they can enter the new year without secrets. However, she needs him to keep quiet about it. Roman would do anything for her, but what about Brady? Kate assures him of withdrawing Philips’ death certificate, keeping Brady out of jail. Roman knows she’s just a mother trying to protect her son, so he promises to keep her secret.

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John and Marlena face each other while sitting on their couch.  Days in our lives

At home on the couch, John and Marlena kiss at midnight. John thinks it’s going to be their best year ever. Marlena knows she would not be there without his love. He corrects her: She would not be there without the love of her whole family.

While the black canoes on the couch, Steve and Kayla look past. They eagerly welcome in their friends. Marlena cries as she apologizes for everything that happened. Kayla and Steve assure her that it is not necessary. Kayla says, however, that she was most shocked when Marlena kissed her. Marlena is shaken by the news and Steve makes a joke about it. Marlena ribs him for being immature, but assures him that she and Kayla are just friends. John thanks Steve and Kayla for their love and support during their trials. Steve says, thankfully, the devil’s reign of terror is finally over.

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Kayla and Steve visit John and Marlena in the blacks' living room at Days of Our Lives

At Brady’s Pub, Sami Lucas assures her that she’s done with EJ forever. She would like to be with him if he wants her. Lucas, of course, says he wants her. However, he needs assurances that this is not about repayment for EJ’s kidnapping of her. Sami kisses him and declares that she loves and respects him. He’s her soulmate. He always has been. Lucas knows this, but is worried she will run back to EJ. Sami promises this time that it’s different. She could never love someone who would lock her away from her family for months. Guilt washes over Lucas’ face, prompting Sami to ask what’s wrong. Lucas says there is nothing wrong because he has been waiting for his moment. Sami suggests that they leave the city so there are no distractions. Maybe Europe or Phoenix, or they could buy somewhere out west. Lucas thinks it’s about EJ and suggests they move too fast. Sami wonders what is really bothering him.

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Lucas and Sami kiss in Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

As Lucas is about to admit something, Roman and Kate arrive. Lucas tells them that he and Sami are together again and leave Salem … tomorrow. Kate’s dismay causes Sami to ask her to be happy on their behalf. Kate answers if Lucas is happy. Roman says he loves them both.

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JoDevil wears his red suit while looking in the mirror.  His eyes are yellow.  Days in our lives

In his room at the DiMera mansion, the devil in Johnny’s body smiles in the mirror. He wears a red suit and blinks with yellow eyes. He says, ‘It’s going to be a hell of a year! JoDevil flashes back to Marlena’s possession, revealing that the devil jumped into Johnny’s body after being driven out of Marlena’s.

When Johnny does not come down to call in the new year, Chanel runs upstairs to check on her new husband. The devil withdraws his yellow eyes as Chanel enters the room. Johnny is back in control and says he’s sorry to lose track. He moves in to kiss her. Things get passionate until Chanel pulls back and reminds him that Allie and Tripp are downstairs waiting for them. Johnny looks back at his room, confused before following Chanel out.

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Allie, Tripp, Chanel and JoDevil raise glasses of champagne in the DiMera mansion.  Days in our lives

Downstairs, Johnny and Chanel meet Allie and Tripp for a toast. They notice the “sartorial statement” Johnny makes with that suit. He apologizes for taking the distance on their toast and blames jet lag. Johnny pours champagne while Allie toasts to his brother and best friend’s marriage. Chanel notices that Johnny is still a little out, but he insists he just needs some sleep. Allie and Tripp say goodbye and leave for a private party at home.

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JoDevil raises a glass to Stefanos' portrait on Days of Our Lives

Johnny and Chanel toast to being a married couple. As Johnny takes a sip of champagne, he stumbles backwards. He assures a worried Chanel that he is fine and says he will meet her upstairs in a moment. After she leaves the room, Johnny tries to gather himself. He looks at Stefano’s portrait and grabs a glass. His eyes turn yellow and his voice is distorted. He says, “I promise you, your little Giovanni will make you very proud this year.”

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