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Andrew McGinley from Ireland said he can never let his wife Deirdre Morley enter their home again after she strangled their children aged nine, seven and three.

Deirdre Morley, 43, and Andrew McGinley with their three children
Deirdre Morley, 43, and Andrew McGinley with their three children

A broken father, whose wife killed their three children, told how he is haunted by their death.

Andrew McGinley promised never to let his wife Deirdre Morley return to her home when she is discharged from hospital in Ireland.

The nurse, 44, killed their children Conor, nine, Darragh, seven, and Carla, three, by strangling them in their home in Co Dublin in January 2020.

Little Conor pleaded “stop mommy what are you doing?” when Morley placed a bag on his head, a court heard during her trial.

McGinley believes there is “no future” for him and his wife and told how little Conor’s last words still haunt him.

He told the Irish Mirror: “As for Deirdre, I’m fighting a lot because the only thing I really hear is Conor’s last words. They resonate quite a lot in my head.

Deirdre Morley strangled her three children aged nine, seven and three


Andrew McGinley WS)

“So there is no future, I think, with myself and Dee. It can never become normal again for any of us. I know I have changed completely as a person.”

Morley was found not guilty of murder due to insanity and remanded in custody at Central Mental Hospital.

It is understood that she could be released after just five years if the doctors confirm that she is mentally healthy enough.

Carla McGinley with her father Andrew McGinley

McGinley said: “If I can help her treatment team or her legal team in any way, I’m happy to do it and she knows it too.

“I think there is a path to recovery for her. I think I have great confidence in her current treatment team.

“I’ve talked to them and this is probably the first time I’ve been involved in her treatment.”

McGinley said he has many questions about his wife’s care before the tragedy and feels she should have had help since 2018.

He recently received Morley’s medical records with her consent from the Health Service Executive and from St Patrick’s Mental Health Services, where she received treatment prior to the killings.

McGinley said photos show how the trio had a happy childhood


Andrew McGinley WS)

But the father told of his anger after files from the hospital came back heavily edited.

He added: “I’m trying to find answers and I’m looking at edited pages. I can not tell you my feelings to them with what they gave me.

“We asked for the records. Dee gave his consent, and that’s what they sent – edited reports, which are really of no use to anyone.”

Mr. McGinley recounted how he felt overwhelmed on the day of his three-year-old daughter Carla’s birthday and did not want to make their anniversary a major focus.

Andrew McGinley said he is haunted by his son’s last words


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He added: “It seems like it was only six months ago. The two years went right past me. I feel like time has stood still.

“If I try to do little things every day, it just helps me more than focusing on something big on their anniversary.”

The broken father said he often visits his children’s grave despite finding it very difficult.

Recently, he has shared photos of the kids on outdoor days, including a fond memory in Glendalough.

“I get more comfort by returning to places we were, instead of being up in the grave,” he said.

“I think the clips I posted show that they had a happy childhood and that they were loved by both of us.

“I still do not understand how we went from that to where we are now.”

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