How to find the secret sister location in FNAF: Security breach

FNAF: Security Breach takes place in a massive mall, but another of the series’ infamous pizzeria locations is tucked deep beneath Pizzaplex.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach takes a different direction than the previous games in the series, allowing players to freely explore Mega Pizzaplex as Gregory and run from pursuing animatronics. However, the game is not only filled with references to the past FNAF games, but actually includes several sites from others as well FNAF games that players can discover. One of these rooms is Michael Afton’s room from FNAF: Sisterhood, which players can find using Faz Cam.

IN FNAF: Sisterhood, Michael Afton returns to his home after almost every night to watch an episode of “The Immortal and the Restless” on television. IN FNAF: Security breach, however, his entire living room has been mysteriously recreated inside the Mega Pizzaplex, right down to the popcorn and exotic butter that players could find in FNAF: Sisterhood. However, players must decommission all three animatronics in Pizzaplex to unlock this location.


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By shutting down Roxy, Chica and Monty, Gregory will be able to use their parts to upgrade Freddy and reach previously inaccessible areas of Mega Pizzaplex. Chica’s voice box will not only stun other bots, but is also required to open voice-activated locks, and Monty’s claws are needed to break through chained gates found throughout the mall. However, all three upgrades cannot be acquired before 1 p.m. 06.00, so players will have to choose to stay in Pizzaplex and continue exploring to get all three.

How to unlock Michael Afton’s room in FNAF: Security Breach

The secret FNAF: Sister Location room can be found with Faz Cam in FNAF: Security Breach.

To get into the secret sister location in FNAF: Security breach, players must use the Faz Cam that they can get from the Monty Golf area of ​​Pizzaplex. After decommissioning the animatronics and completely upgrading Freddy, players will be able to return to the use corridor where Monty first chased them at the beginning of the game and get through the maintenance tunnels until they reach a Monty gate past a huge cloud of steam. After breaking through the chains and moving on, there is another gate that requires Chika’s ballot box to pass. From there, players can walk down a flight of stairs to what appears to be a dead end, but a hidden door opens when players flash against the wall with their Faz Cam.

Inside is Michael Afton’s room, almost exactly as it was in FNAF: Sisterhood except for a few notable changes. In addition to a cryptic cipher that can be found on the wall, there is a CD player that players can use to listen to the 16 collectibles, retro CDs stored throughout the Mega Pizzaplex. These CDs contain recordings of Vanessa’s therapy sessions that reveal more of her background story, as well as some of the secrets of what went wrong in the mall, but they can only be found through Roxy’s eyes.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is available on PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

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