Hygiene mark under the belt breaks old taboos

Meridian Grooming strives to bridge the gap between the tacky and the taboo, so men feel empowered to elevate their intimate hygiene experience.

Knowledge combined with access to first-class care tools creates an opportunity for men to reconsider how they take care of themselves. Although the concept of self-care is often assumed to be a women-centered concept, it is rooted in daily practice that supports better general health. As stress runs rampant throughout life, as we know it, there is no shortage of need for relief – regardless of a person’s gender.

This emphasis on men’s self-care combined with simple, comfortable hygiene techniques sets Meridian apart from other brands. Archaic electric razors are fast becoming a relic of the past, as is the notion that men do not care how they look and feel. By claiming valuable real estate in the cultural self-care conversation, Meridian offers a much-needed perspective: men also face societal pressures, and men also need resources to take better care of themselves.

It is all too easy to dismiss aesthetic pursuits as meaningless, but research has long shown a link between mental health and personal hygiene practices. While depression, anxiety and other conditions can lead to a decrease in body care, good personal hygiene can contribute to a more robust body-mind condition, although the method is a bit cheeky.

Meridian creates a straightforward brand entry point with The trimmer and The spray.

The trimmer is equipped with ceramic blades that gently slide around in sensitive curves, and the trimmer is also powerful enough to tackle thick, coarse body hair without painful pulls or nicks. The groundbreaking body haircut is waterproof so a guy can shave anywhere he dries on wet or dry skin. In addition, this smart device comes with adjustable guide combs that allow for customized hair length.

Meridian’s citrus-scented intimate spray soothes and protects the skin after shaving, while providing a gentle cleansing action for quick hygiene touch-ups. We love that it is soothing and effective without being overwhelming.

Grooming enthusiasts can subscribe to selected care packages online or shop products a la carte. The brand also has a compact Up-Here Trimmer to smaller areas, such as the nose and ears. Replacement of blades, a prize nail sets for men, and comfortable boxer shorts are also available, as is the antimicrobial agent Meridian foot spray.

For Meridian, personal care is about the finer details of product quality. Ongoing consumer education through their newly launched email newsletter and blog creates an atmosphere where the conversation is authentic and inclusive. Whether you are new to under-the-belt hygiene or an old professional, there is something for everyone with this fast-growing brand of personal care.

And yes, women are also invited to the trimming party.

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