Ipswich News: Crime book published by first-time author

07:30 4 January 2022

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16:06 4 January 2022

Ipswich father James Jenkins is living the dream after his first novel was published.

He was not deterred by his 20-plus rejections over the past 11 months before Parochial Pigs was signed to Alien Buddha Press, an American indie publisher.

The plumber from Castle Hill and father of two, who has always written as a hobby, was shocked when he finally received a letter of acceptance for his first job.

Jenkins said it had been a “love affair” to get the work published.

He added: “I do not want to give up my daily work for the time being.

“It still seems like a scam and a dream come true.”

James Jenkins and family.

James Jenkins and family.
– Credit: James Jenkins

In his first novel, Mr. Jenkins’ story of Paul Hargreaves, a detective who wins the favor of Bristol detective Bobby Cavendish, who climbs the ladder in the illegal empire.

Sir. Jenkins said, “Parochial Pigs is a cruel gangland noir crime story with dark humor and a ritual undertone.”

Without writing, the father of two is a musician who has helped raise money for local charities.

This included age concerns at Felixstowe Band Box, Cancer Research at Margaret Catchpole, Citizens Advice Bureau at Felixstowe Fire Station, Cancer Research at RaysFest and St Elizabeth Hospice and East Anglian Air Ambulance at Wyverstone Beer and Music Festival 2021.

“I would especially like to contribute to Suffolk Mind in the future as I believe writing is my best defense against my own anxiety,” he said. “It helps me channel my emotions in a much more productive way and has given me a great way to cope with everything over the last two years.

“I’ve been inspired by James Garden’s Mind Doodles and how he reached out through his own artwork. I hope I can build a bigger platform for myself to be able to contribute better to this amazing charity.”

The release date for Parochial Pigs is set for January 16 and will be available on Amazon and at Ipswich’s Dial Lane Books.

Jenkins has also contributed to a Noir anthology called Color Out of Deathlehem: An Anthology of Holiday Horrors for Charity and is already available on Amazon.

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