Maternal warning of symptoms in children that may be associated with Covid-19

A mother has issued a warning about a possible rare symptom of Covid-19 in children.

Danielle Robinson’s 14 month old son, Remi, got a swollen and red eye at the same time as she got a cough, lack of appetite and vomiting over Christmas.

Suspecting that he may have coronavirus, Droylsden’s mother gave him a lateral flow test, which turned out to be negative.

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After taking him to a walk-in center, Remi was diagnosed with orbital cellulitis – a condition that some researchers have linked to coronavirus.

He was given antibiotics and sent home to rest.

But after researching the condition – which causes an infection in the fat and muscles around the eye, Danielle thinks her son may actually have been Covid-positive.

It comes after a nine-year-old boy from Bristol was ‘almost blinded’ after developing orbital cellulitis while receiving Covid-19.

Zac Morey ended up in the hospital on a drip after suffering an allergic reaction to the virus.

Now, Danielle advises other parents to consider ordering their child a PCR test or keeping them inside for a few days if they develop similar symptoms.

In a speech to the MEN, she said: “On Christmas Eve he was physically ill and then again the second day of Christmas. He got out of his food and got a little cough so we thought he might have covid.

“I did a lateral flow test on him and it came out negative.

“The next day he woke up and his eye swelled. It did not look like conjunctivitis, so I took him to the local walk-in center.

“The lady at the front desk said it was the third child she had seen in the last few days with the same problem.”

Danielle said Remi was diagnosed with orbital cellulitis and given some oral antibiotics, but was told that if his symptoms did not improve, he might have to go to the hospital.

“He’s been on antibiotics for a few days now, and luckily the swelling has dropped,” she said.

“When I saw the story of the other boy who had it, I knew it was exactly the same.

Remi was given antibiotics for the condition

“I think Remi could have had covid, as his grandmother also had it around the same time he developed symptoms.

“It was very strange. Remi has been lucky that his eye cleared up with oral antibiotics, otherwise we were told he was going into the hospital on a drip.”

Danielle said she wanted to make other parents aware of the condition as she did not know it had been linked to coronavirus in some cases.

“I would say that if children have this problem with their eyes, there is no harm in getting them tested or keeping them inside for a few days,” she said.

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“If I had known it had been linked to coronavirus, I would certainly have kept him away from vulnerable relatives.

“I just want to make other parents aware of that.

“Had I assumed it was conjunctivitis and left it, it could have gotten a lot worse. I’m glad I took him to the walk-in center.”

The World Health Organization lists red and irritated eyes as an uncommon side effect of Covid-19, while various studies have linked orbital cellulitis and coronavirus.


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