Michael Keaton’s Batman secret is why Robert Pattinson wants to be amazing

Michael Keaton has explained what the secret behind Batman is, and Robert Pattinson’s turn as Bruce Wayne in The Batman is set to mimic this perfectly.

Michael Keaton has found out why his interpretation of Batman worked so well, and Robert Pattinson’s turn as Bruce Wayne in Batman seems to show that he also understands the secret behind the character. Keaton has explained why he went on to reprise the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman for the 1995s Batman forever. His reasoning really goes to the heart of Caped Crusader, and how the films should approach Batman as a character, which fortunately seems to have been used for Batman.

Michael Keaton starred as Batman / Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s 1989 comic book classic Batman, and its successor from 1992 Batman returnss. He left the role, however, after disagreeing Batman forever‘s director Joel Schumacher on the direction of the series and more specifically Bruce Wayne’s character. Keaton’s focus was always on the man under the hood first, not the hero. Keaton said, “It’s always been Bruce Wayne. It was never Batman … I knew from the start that it was Bruce Wayne. That was the secret.” Schumacher disagreed, however, moving away from the dark side of Bruce Wayne and fixing the neon-soaked spotlight on Batman. While Batman forever was an economic success, the new direction was damaging, and 1997’s abyss Batman and Robin killed the series until Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy restarted the character years later.


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Based on what has been shown and said so far, Robert Pattinson’s understanding of the character in Batman seems to be on par with Michael Keatons. Pattinson understands, as Keaton does, that it is Bruce Wayne’s duality that makes him an infinitely interesting character. What makes someone put on the cape and cap? and why? The best Batman stories are the ones that pursue the answer to these questions. Keeping the character Bruce Wayne at the center of the story is exactly what Keaton knew was needed for Batman to work, and this approach to Batman’s character development is also important to Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson and Michael Keaton as Batman

Robert Pattinson and director Matt Reeves have described their version of the iconic character as a sleepless man who is unable to control his rage and yet cannot delineate between his dual personalities. In fact, his “recluse-rockstar” -style public identity as Bruce Wayne is another mask that Bruce wears over the hood. Like Michael Keaton, both Pattinson and Reeves prioritize character over spectacle, and while Batman is set to include the necessary action beats, their focus on Bruce Wayne’s mental state and flawed heroism is a good sign that the character is in safe hands.

For many, Michael Keaton’s Batman is the best live-action version of The Dark Knight to date. Keaton has a clear understanding of the character and has not lost any love for the role since Batman returns. It bodes well for his return as Bruce Wayne / Batman in Andy Muschietti’s Lightning and HBO Max Bat girl. However, Robert Pattinson is first on the field, and as he hopefully knows the secret behind what makes a Batman story work Batman can deliver on its pre-release hype.

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